Tim Walsh is a freelance writer based in Brisbane, Australia

'Lange eenzame man' (2010) (left) and P XIII (2008) (right), Berlinde De Bruyckere, installation view, Mona. Photo: Mona/Rémi Chauvin

Getting to grips with the nature of art at Mona

Turns out that the museum of sex and death has much more on its mind

19 Jan 2017
Australia's Crumbling Cultural Sector - Apollo Magazine

Cuts run deep: Is Australia’s ‘coup culture’ killing its cultural heart?

In the space of five years, Australia has seen five prime ministers, with wildly different attitudes to art and culture

20 Jan 2016

State of the art? Federal arts funding cuts in Australia

Arts minister George Brandis criticised for moving $105m of the country’s arts funding into government control

10 Sep 2015

The manipulative imagery of the Bali Nine executions

How art has been used as a pawn in the crisis

6 May 2015

Women in art: Australia honours Julie Ewington and Fiona Foley

In Australia, all of the major national art institutions are run by men, but it’s encouraging that women are being recognised

4 Apr 2014

Sponsorship, ethics and the Biennale of Sydney

The debate over arts sponsorship in Australia is riddled with difficult questions and double standards

14 Mar 2014

The Modern Way

‘California Design 1930–1965: Living in a Modern Way’ has spent two years skirting the edges of the Pacific Ocean, and just landed in Brisbane

10 Nov 2013