Reading Basquiat’s Notebooks at the Brooklyn Museum

Words and writing were as much a part of Basquiat’s art as his visual imagery

23 May 2015

Reframing Futurism at the Guggenheim

The sheer scale of the Guggenheim’s display makes it impossible to box Futurism into its usual uneasy categories

7 Mar 2014

German Expressionism in Baltimore

The BMA tries to graft German Expressionism onto a French family tree, but it shouldn’t overlook the movement’s specific concerns

16 Feb 2014

All That Glitters

‘Artist of gems’ Joel A. Rosenthal measures the value of a stone not in carats but in colour. His designs sparkle at the Metropolitan Museum

2 Dec 2013

Dutch Details

Some extraordinary Dutch masterpieces from the Mauritshuis are spending the winter at the Frick Collection in New York

1 Nov 2013