Xavier Salomon is the Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator of The Frick Collection

Frescoes in the Tomb of the Augurs, Necropolis of Monterozzi, Tarquinia. Courtesy Mibact. Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per l'Area Metropolitana di Roma, la Provincia di Viterbo e l'Etruria Meridionale

D.H. Lawrence among the Etruscans

Is D.H. Lawrence’s account of the archaeological sites of Etruria still relevant today?

5 Aug 2017
'Michelangelo & Sebastiano', installation view, National Gallery, London

Michelangelo and Sebastiano’s fraught but fertile friendship

An ambitious exhibition at the National Gallery traces the productive overlaps between these two Renaissance masters

4 May 2017
Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and other Saints, (c. 1300-05), Giovanni da Rimini.

Guercino, Giovanni da Rimini and Murillo

There are some excellent in-focus exhibitions opening around the world in 2017, including a chance to see Guercino’s frescoes up-close, and a revealing look at the school of Rimini

27 Dec 2016

Della Robbia’s glazed terracotta changed Tuscan art

This superb exhibition makes us look at terra invetriata – a prodigious combination of earth, glass, and fire – through the eyes of 15th-century Tuscans

25 Oct 2016

Borrowing a baroque masterpiece

Xavier F. Salomon explains why he is so keen to show one of Guido Cagnacci’s most important paintings at the Frick

2 Oct 2016

12 Days: Highlights of 2016

Xavier Salomon’s highlights include Old Masters in Italy, the Le Nain brothers in the US, and a celebration of Hieronymus Bosch in Madrid

27 Dec 2015

First Look: ‘Goya and the Altamira Family’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

‘Goya and the Altamira Family’ reunites five family portraits by Goya and his collaborator Agustín Esteve

14 Apr 2014