Zakia Uddin lives in east London. Her work has appeared in ‘The White Review’ and ‘The Wire’

Self-Portrait at EPA

The photographer who hated office life

Chauncey Hare was compared to Walker Evans and Diane Arbus, but he came to find the art world as repressive as the corporate world he loathed

26 Jun 2022

Street cred – how Helen Levitt turned a cool eye on life in New York

The photographer recorded life in New York for 70 years without receiving the same acclaim as her male contemporaries, but that seems to be changing

22 Dec 2021
Anti-racism sit-down protest, Bethnal Green, London, 1978.

The photographers who wanted their subjects to be heard as well as seen

Radical collectives in the 1970s were keen to make documentary photography more democratic

22 Oct 2020
Porthcurno, Cornwall, England (2017), Martin Parr.

Martin Parr takes on Brexit Britain

The photographer’s survey of the British at home and abroad takes on a suitably surreal air at the National Portrait Gallery

28 Mar 2019