Art Market

Head of Avalokiteshvara, Tang dynasty (618–906), dry lacquer, ht 67.8cm. Sotheby’s Hong Kong, estimate: HK$18m–HK$25m

Rare Asian art comes to the block at Sotheby’s

Auction highlights this month include an outstanding example of early Ming porcelain and a rare Nicholas Lancret painting

12 Apr 2017
A polychrome glazed terracotta bust of a laureate in a frame of fruit, vegetables and pine cones (c. 1487–94), Andrea della Robbia

The Della Robbia that escaped disaster

This glazed terracotta roundel by Andrea della Robbia was made for a palace that was promptly destroyed

7 Apr 2017
Danseuses en blanc (c. 1878), Edgar Degas. Courtesy Sotheby's

‘You can get real fireworks with pastels’

Why Impressionist and Post-Impressionist pastels are becoming increasingly attractive to art collectors of all sorts

Nature morte au citron et pichet rouge (Still Life with Lemon and Red Pitcher) (1964), after Pablo Picasso. Estimate: $6,000–8,000

Picasso’s printmakers step into the spotlight

The Crommelynck brothers worked with the greatest artists of the 20th century to produce extraordinary prints, some of which will soon come to auction

24 Mar 2017
Saint Francis of Assisi (detail) (1842), Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. Galerie de Bayser, €40,000

Discover the best drawings at Salon du Dessin 2017

The Parisian fair returns this month to celebrate one of the most instinctive and timeless of mediums

18 Mar 2017
Still Life with Quinces, Apples, Azeroles (Hawthorn berries), Black grapes, White grapes, Figs and Pomegranates Bartolomeo Cavarozzi (1587–1625), Italian painter active in Spain. Sold at Colnaghi, asking price €5m

TEFAF exhibitors report another fruitful fair

Early reported sales at TEFAF Maastricht were strong, particularly among Old Master dealers

17 Mar 2017

Why everyone’s talking about forensics in the art market

Technical research offers assurances to private collectors – but they must exercise caution

15 Mar 2017
Tazza (c. 1570), Gasparo Miseroni. Kunstkammer Georg Laue, €280,000

Pick of the fair: Kunstkammer Georg Laue

This lapis lazuli vessel is the work of one of a famous dynasty of Milanese lapidaries, and a market rarity

15 Mar 2017
Liveried servants carrying food-laden platters (c. 1770), Vincente Navarro. Carlton Hobbs, price on application

Pick of the fair: Carlton Hobbs

Two liveried servants bear trays of food in this charming 18th-century tile painting attributed to Vicente Navarro

15 Mar 2017
The Hours of Isabeau de Croix (c. 1430–50) Miniatures by the Master of the Harvard Hannibal, the Master of the Munich Golden Legend, and the Dunois Master. Les Enluminures, price on application

Pick of the fair: Les Enluminures

This unpublished Book of Hours was possibly illustrated by three of the most original artists working in Paris in the 15th century

14 Mar 2017
Blow Up, Untitled 19 (detail) (2007), Ori Gersht. Ben Brown Fine Arts, around $55,000

Pick of the fair: Ben Brown Fine Arts

Ori Gersht meticulously recreated a Fantin-Latour, flash froze it and then blew it up, in order to capture a moment of destruction

14 Mar 2017
Male ancestor figure (detail; c. 1790), Sepik River region, New Guinea. Bernard de Grunne, around €1m

Pick of the fair: Bernard de Grunne

Large Sawos totemic figures such as this were hung on cult houses and dwellings to represent powerful ancestral forces

13 Mar 2017
Doll's House (1690–1710), The Netherlands and China. John Endlich Antiquairs, €1.75m

Pick of the fair: John Endlich Antiquairs

This rare example of a Dutch doll’s house contains almost 200 unique silver miniatures and Chinese porcelain dated around 1700

13 Mar 2017
A pair of blackamoor figures (c. 1740), Dutch. Carcaci, £28,000

The best of BADA 2017

More than 90 dealers ranging widely across art, antiques, and contemporary design come together to celebrate the fair’s 25th anniversary

12 Mar 2017
Costume design for Turandot (detail) (1928), Anatoly Petrytsky. James Butterwick, €75,000

Pick of the fair: James Butterwick

Ukrainian avant-garde artist Anatoly Petritsky, designed various productions in Kharkov in the 1920s, including Puccini’s Turandot

12 Mar 2017
Mu Tamagawa (The Six Jewel Rivers), Kinuta Tamagawa (detail) (c. 1795–96), Kitagawa Utamaro. Galerie Tanakaya, price on application

Pick of the fair: Galerie Tanakaya

Representations of and allusions to the six rivers and their associated classical poems were popular among Edo printmakers in Japan

12 Mar 2017
Washing Day: Women washing linen by the ramparts of Christianshavn, Copenhagen (c. 1660), Wolfgang Heimbach. Rafael Valls, price on request

Pick of the fair: Rafael Valls

Wolfgang Heimbach, once a court painter to Frederick III, captures the rich incidental detail of this rustic laundry scene

11 Mar 2017
Two music-making putti with a winged putto (c. 1520–30), Alonso Berruguete. Colnaghi, around €1.5m–€2m

Pick of the fair: Colnaghi

These 16th-century alabaster putti have been attributed to one the greatest Spanish Renaissance sculptors, Alonso Berruguete

11 Mar 2017
Virgin and Child with Saints (c. 1472), attributed to Hugo van der Goes

The Virgin and Child who went under cover

The bizarre story of how an altarpiece by Hugo van der Goes was transformed into a marriage portrait of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York

10 Mar 2017
Woman sitting half-dressed beside a stove (detail) (1658), Rembrandt van Rijn. David Tunick Inc., price on application

Pick of the fair: David Tunick Inc.

This etching of a woman beside a stove, part of a group made in the 1650s, may be Rembrandt’s finest print of a nude

10 Mar 2017
Egyptian arm tattoo (1341–1325 BC), sandstone with traces of polychromy. Rupert Wace Ancient Art, €120,000

Pick of the fair: Rupert Wace Ancient Art

This carving was part of a colossal figure carved with the likeness of King Amenhotep IV that once adorned an 18th Dynasty temple

10 Mar 2017
Chagan Sambhar-a (late 17th–early 18th century), Mongolia. School of Zanabazar. Rossi & Rossi, $1.5m

Pick of the fair: Rossi & Rossi

This Mongolian bronze features a benevolent Buddhist divinity embracing his consort symbolising the merging of wisdom and compassion

9 Mar 2017
In Sight in Blue (2016), Clare Belfrage. Adrian Sassoon, around £6,500

Pick of the fair: Adrian Sassoon

Clare Belfrage’s technique involves drawing with fine threads of cane glass across blown glass forms to produce dramatic works

9 Mar 2017
Portrait of an African woman holding a clock (detail) (c. 1585), Annibale Carracci. Tomasso Brothers, around £1m

Pick of the fair: Tomasso Brothers

This unusual 16th-century portrait of a finely dressed black woman by Annibale Carracci comes with an impressive provenance

8 Mar 2017