Emma Crichton-Miller is a freelance journalist and an Apollo columnist

Collectors are falling for the British Neo-Romantics

The market for paintings by the likes of John Craxton and John Minton – and Paul Nash in pastoral mode – is having an idyllic time

22 Sep 2023

Classical African sculpture keeps moving with the times

Provenance is more crucial than ever but the market for masterpieces is now broader than ever

giltwood and marble table

The golden age of English furniture

After a period in the doldrums, pieces by the best 18th-century makers are back in demand

30 May 2023

Mining meaning in Middlesbrough

Locals and celebrities have banded together to offer a compelling range of perspectives on the industrial history of the Yorkshire town

23 May 2023

Pop go the prices for Roy Lichtenstein’s works on paper

Drawings, prints and collages were important to the artist’s process – and the market now values them accordingly

27 Apr 2023
detail of a rug

Fine carpets from Asia are definitely back in fashion

After a spell in the doldrums, prices for magnificent carpets from across the continent are starting to soar again

28 Mar 2023

The market for Italian maiolica

These vivid, tin-glazed ceramics were considered fit for the pope to eat off – and can fetch princely prices today

27 Feb 2023

The sophisticated Japanese paintings that have never gone out of style

Works by the true masters of the Rinpa style are rare – which makes prices rather high

27 Jan 2023
Vase (c. 1896–97), Alfred William Finch

The art nouveau potters who broke the mould

The fin-de-siècle movement fired up the imaginations of avant-garde ceramicists across Europe

The Mocking of Christ (c. 1280), Cimabue (Actéon, €24.2m)

Uncommon grounds – the market for paintings on gold

When it comes to gold-ground paintings from Italy, condition is everything and the older the work, the better

28 Nov 2022
Folding horseshoe chair, late Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), China. Sotheby’s Hong Kong, HK$124.6m ($15.8m)

Why is the market for classical Chinese furniture so hot?

Collectors are snapping up elegant huanghuali chairs and beds of the Ming and Qing dynasties at record prices

24 Oct 2022
Relief avec deux collines (1972), Magdalena Abakanowicz. Sotheby’s London, £52,500

Threads of potential – the market for textiles by women artists

From the United States to the Soviet Union, women artists of the post-war era found creative freedom in fibre art – and their works are beginning to loom large in the market

26 Sep 2022
Marble sculpture by Mino da Fiesole

How early Tuscan Renaissance works made an unexpected return to the market

These once-overlooked pieces are making a comeback – and with few on the market, they’re more collectable than ever

30 Aug 2022
Masque Îles Mortlock mask

A question of ethics – the market for African and Oceanic art

As museums make promises to return looted works of art, provenance is now of paramount importance in the market

20 Jun 2022

Beyond Rubens – drawings by the lesser-known Flemish masters

Rubens may dominate the field, but there are other names worth seeking out – and plenty of surprises to be found

23 May 2022

A shiny future for Hispanic silver

Silversmithing has had a turbulent history on the Iberian Peninsula. The market is quiet, but showing new signs of life, says Emma Crichton-Miller

28 Apr 2022
(detail; 1936), Paul Nash.

Why the art market is finally taking note of British Surrealism

It isn’t easy to define a made-in-Britain equivalent to the Paris Surrealists, but collectors are increasingly drawn to the uncanny side of British modernism

Good Times: Lion Leopard Lake (detail; 2020), Yao Jui-chung. Michael Goedhuis (price on application)

Asian Art in London turns the spotlight on East Asian art

From famille-verte vases to contemporary ink paintings – Emma Crichton-Miller selects her highlights from this year’s event

27 Oct 2021
Illustration (detail) of arms and armour with Sanskrit inscriptions, 18th–19th century, Rajasthan or Awadh, India. Runjeet Singh (price on application)

Indian and Islamic art takes centre stage at Asian Art in London

From Mughal manuscripts to contemporary Sri Lankan painting – Emma Crichton-Miller selects her highlights from this year’s event

18 Oct 2021
Detail of Dragonfly table lamp (c. 1906), Tiffany Studios. Lillian Nassau (price on application)

The temptations of Tiffany glass

With its gorgeous, shimmering colours, Tiffany glassware has a well-established market in the US – but be sure you’re buying the real deal

20 Apr 2021
Casket (16th century), Gujarat, India. São Roque – Antiguidades e Galeria de Arte (price on application)

Not just another digital art fair – a preview of BRAFA 2021

This year’s event has come up with a hybrid model that puts the focus firmly on galleries

26 Jan 2021
Leaf from a set of eight choir books (detail; 1470s–80s), San Sisto, Piacenza. Christie’s London, £657,250 (for the set)

Monastic habits – the market for illuminated choir books

With splendid examples of illumination accompanying early musical notation, medieval choir books are highly prized by collectors around the world

Moving Off the Land (2019), Joan Jonas. Performance with Ikue Mori and Francesco Migliacco, Ocean Space, Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Venice, 2019.

Politics, performance and porcelain – at the Venice Biennale and beyond

Themes of exile and migration thread their way through the works in the main exhibition, national pavilions, and elsewhere

15 May 2019
Collateral (2007), Sheela Gowda.

Sheela Gowda shows her extraordinary works made out of everyday materials in Milan

The artist’s installations seem completely at home in the HangarBicocca

15 Apr 2019