London Diary

La Coupole V, Algiers, Algeria (2013), Jason Oddy

London needs a spring clean, or perhaps a period of stagnation…

The galleries haven’t changed that much, but the city itself has, and not for the better

20 Apr 2016

London has served up the diet version of Delacroix

Has the National Gallery made Delacroix a bit…dull? Can a B-movie really be classed as art? And why is Barry Flanagan only famous for his hares?

11 Mar 2016

The shows worth seeing in London this week

The art shows worth seeing in London this fortnight, from Naum Gabo’s subtle prints at Alan Cristea, to Jo Spence’s harrowing final work

15 Feb 2016

London Diary: fine art in ‘sinful Soho’

The current show at Marian Goodman gallery is a blast, and White Cube has come up with a winner, too

25 Jan 2016

London Diary: who gets to be a national treasure?

Is it acceptable to lay into an octogenarian painter who has long been a ‘national treasure’?

8 Dec 2015

London Diary: Art and Anxiety

‘I made it my mission last week to find a show that captured the city’s twitchiness.’

25 Nov 2015

London Diary

Hacktivists crash Tenderpixel’s private view; Berenice Abbott’s works intrigue at Beetles + Huxley; and Sadie Coles opens a new gallery

10 Nov 2015

London Diary: Auerbach’s City

Nobody has captured the city’s ever-changing whirl quite like Auerbach: don’t miss his shows at Tate Britain and Marlborough

26 Oct 2015

London Diary

Cartier-Bresson, Bomberg’s circle and Damien Hirst’s homage to Hoyland: don’t let Frieze week distract you from these London shows

12 Oct 2015

London Diary

Be won over by Ai Weiwei, blown away by Bridget Riley, and get lost in the National Theatre’s concrete corridors this week

29 Sep 2015