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Art Diary

Queer folk dress

9 June 2023

What role does folk costume play in today’s world? This exhibition at the National Museum in Oslo (18 June–18 May 2025) brings together examples of bunad, the traditional rural dress of Norway, with responses from six contemporary artists. The aim: to explore issues of identity and acceptance – both national and personal – that these garments raise for present-day Norwegians. A video work titled Láigečala (2023) by Márjá Karlsen explores the craft traditions of the Sámi people, while historic Norwegian headdresses are reimagined by the artist Rafiki in the beaded sculpture Alone Together, Like Pearls on a String (2023). Find out more on the National Museum’s website.

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Alone Together, Like Pearls on a String (2023), Rafiki. Photo: Annar Bjørgli / Nasjonalmuseet

Subnational folk costume/ New Folk Music (2023), Christian Blandhoel. Photo: Annar Bjørgli; Nasjionalmuseet

Bunad Tattoo Shop (2023), Lin Wang. Photo: Annar Bjørgli/Nasjonalmuseet