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Art Diary

Jessie Kleemann: Running Time

18 August 2023

Jessie Kleemann uses video, theatre and performance art to explore Inuit culture, colonisation and environmental issues, while challenging cultural stereotypes. This exhibition at the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen (24 August–26 November) delves into the complex relations between Greenland, where Kleemann was born and raised, and Denmark, which governed her homeland for more than two centuries. It also considers issues of tourism and climate change, as seen in works such as Running Time (2023), which features a modern-day dog sleigh pulled along through a landscape in which the ice is visibly melting. Find out more on SMK’s website.

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ORSOQ (2012), Jessie Kleemann. SMK. Photo: Frida Gregersen

Oil and amulets (2019), Jessie Kleemann. Greenland National Museum & Archives. Photo: Jakob Skou-Hansen/SMK

Kinaasunga (1988), Jessie Kleeman. Photo: Ebbe Quist