Art Diary

Mixing It Up: Painting Today

3 September 2021

With work by 31 contemporary painters spanning three generations, this show at the Hayward Gallery in London (9 September–12 December) offers a broad overview of approaches to the medium. Each of the artists included works in the UK – though many were born and have lived elsewhere, in cities from Cape Town to Caracas – reflecting the country’s status as an international centre for painting in the present day. Among the artists shown are Hurvin Anderson, Lisa Brice, Kudzanai-Violet Hwami and Lubaina Himid. Find out more from the Hayward’s website.

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Adult Services (2019), Allison Katz.

Adult Services (2019), Allison Katz. Courtesy the artist and The Approach, London; © Allison Katz

Smoke and Mirrors (2020), Lisa Brice.

Smoke and Mirrors (2020), Lisa Brice. Photo: Mark Blower. Courtesy the artist; Stephen Friedman Gallery, London and Salon 94, New York; © Lisa Brice

Ascent (2019), Hurvin Anderson. Photo: Rat Hole Gallery. Courtesy the artist and Thomas Dane Gallery

The Captain and The Mate (2017–18), Lubaina Himid.

The Captain and The Mate (2017–18), Lubaina Himid. Photo: Andy Keate. Courtesy the artist and Hollybush Gardens, London; © Lubaina Himid

Bira (2019), Kudzanai-Violet Hwami.

Bira (2019), Kudzanai-Violet Hwami. Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro; © Kudzanai-Violet Hwami