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How to cut a statue down to size

Robert Bevan’s call to require a lot less from our public monuments has much to recommend it

3 Jan 2023
The tomb of Richard and Isabel Burton at the church of St Mary Magdalen, Mortlake, built 1891.

The Victorian adventurers who pitched their tent for eternity

Richard and Isabel Burton are buried in a quiet churchyard in south London – but their remarkable tomb is a fitting monument to these insatiable travellers

1 Mar 2021
Air raid damage to the Naval Gallery at the Imperial War Museum, London, 31 January 1941. Photo: © IWM

‘The elephant in this gallery is the cultural property seized by British troops in the 19th century’

An exhibition about cultural destruction in modern conflicts can’t help but remind us of earlier wars

27 Aug 2019
Relief with three Palmyrene gods (1st century), Bir Wereb, near Palmyra. Musée du Louvre, Paris.

A journey through the melting pots of the ancient Middle East

The Met shows how much cities between Rome and Parthia had in common – and how devastating recent archaeological losses are

10 Jun 2019
Statuette of Jupiter Heliopolitanus (2nd–3rd century AD), Area of Tartus.

The World Between Empires

Art from the ancient Middle Eastern cities that flourished between the empires of Rome and Parthia

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
The entrance to the National Museum of Damascus, featuring the doorway from the Umayyad desert castle at Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi in the Syrian desert.

What does the reopening of the National Museum of Damascus mean for Syria?

The museum, which reopened in October after six years, stands as a symbol of the country’s hopes for recovery

19 Dec 2018
Cavour Vase (detail; 14th century), Syria.

Syria Matters

A display of historic objects and immersive videos calls attention to Syria’s imperilled cultural heritage

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
Harold Stevenson, Photo by Augusto Meneses/Pix Inc./The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

Harold Stevenson (1929-2018)

Art news daily: 29 October

29 Oct 2018
Lion head from the Royal Cemetery of Ur, (c. 2450 BC), Sumerian, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia

Ancient civilisations get a modern makeover at the Penn Museum

The museum’s collection of more than a million artefacts is being redisplayed in a major refurbishment

14 Apr 2018
A general view shows smoke rising near the leaning Al-Hadba minaret in the Al-Nuri mosque compound, as Iraqi government forces advance in western Mosul's Zanjili neighbourhood on 7 June, 2017, during ongoing battles against Islamic State (IS) group fighters. Photo: KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images

ISIS blamed for destruction of Grand al-Nuri mosque

Our daily round-up of news from the art world ISIS blamed for destruction of Mosul’s Grand al-Nuri mosque | The…

22 Jun 2017
Nymph Removing a Thorn from a Greyhound’s Foot (1848), Richard James Wyatt. Temple Newsam, Leeds. Photo: Art UK / Leeds Museums and Galleries

Public sculpture in the UK is about to become more visible

Art UK, which last year launched a digital catalogue of every oil painting in public ownership, has embarked on an equivalent project for sculpture

22 Jun 2017
The UNESCO-listed ancient city of Hatra, south of Mosul, on 27 April, 2017, shortly after Iraqi forces retook the site. AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images

Hatra’s embattled history, from the Romans to ISIS

It’s been besieged, abandoned, and used as a training ground for terrorists – but the ancient city of Hatra still stands in the Iraqi desert

23 May 2017

Digital replicas are not soulless – they help us engage with art

Rather than seeing replicas as knock-offs, we should think of them like maps or models

23 Mar 2017

US museums respond to Inauguration Day

Art News Daily : 20 January

20 Jan 2017
Italian military vehicles stand guard in front a Sant'Agostino church in Amatrice on January 19, 2017 after a 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck the region. The church was severely damaged in a major quake in August 2016. ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images

More than 30 dead after fire in artists’ warehouse

Art News Daily : 5 December

5 Dec 2016

What’s at stake in digitising heritage sites such as the Lascaux cave?

A new facsimile of the Lascaux cave is about to open, but are digital reproductions of cultural sites merely tourist attractions or will they save our fragile heritage?

28 Nov 2016

900 works lost in Amatrice earthquake recovered

Art News Daily : 26 October

26 Oct 2016

How can we save culture heritage sites from climate change?

The combination of climate change and apathy is a perfect storm for cultural sites around the world

27 Jul 2016

Has Le Corbusier stopped being an ogre?

17 buildings by Le Corbusier are now on the World Heritage list. Why has it taken so long?

25 Jul 2016

V&A named as Art Fund Museum of the Year

Art News Daily : 7 July

7 Jul 2016
Footage released by ISIS this week appears to show the destruction of the Temple of Nabu in Iraq.

ISIS destroys Temple of Nabu in Iraq

New footage released this week shows the militants detonating explosives at the site, and concludes with a threat to ‘demolish’ the pyramids at Giza

10 Jun 2016