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Inside the UNESCO conference to save Syria’s heritage

Experts gathered in Berlin to share ideas, but coming up with a coordinated strategy is impossible when the situation is so volatile

10 Jun 2016

Floods close Paris museums

Art News Daily : 3 June

3 Jun 2016

Shakespeare First Folio discovered on Scottish island

Art News Daily : 8 April

8 Apr 2016

Architect Zaha Hadid has died at the age of 65

Art News Daily : 31 March

31 Mar 2016

Spectacular Veronese drawing at risk of leaving UK

Art News Daily : 29 March

29 Mar 2016

One museum’s tribute to the murdered Syrian archaeologist, Khaled al-Asaad

How the MFA Boston is paying tribute to a respected scholar and humanist

4 Feb 2016

Reconstructing Syria’s heritage is a hopeful but distant dream

Replicas, digital records and long-term monitoring projects are all important in the race to preserve cultural history

8 Jan 2016

Protesting against a historical statue is not just childish – it’s bigoted, too

‘Attitudes change, fortunately, but…things we now find offensive cannot be airbrushed away.’

6 Jan 2016

Cultural clampdown in Egypt and Ellsworth Kelly remembered

Art News : 31 December 2015

31 Dec 2015

Greco-Roman Sites in Libya Threatened by ISIS

Art News Daily : 11 December

11 Dec 2015
Apollo Awards: Digital Innovation of the Year: Million Image Database

Digital Innovation of the Year

The Million Image Database is documenting threatened cultural heritage sites all around the world, through the efforts of volunteers

‘We have one heritage.’ Syria’s chief of antiquities calls on Europe for help

‘The dangers surrounding the Syrian archaeological heritage are growing beyond our capabilities’

18 Nov 2015

Talk: Heritage & Conflict: Syria’s Battle to Protect its Past

7pm at the Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR As conflict rages across the Middle East and…

Royal Geographical Society, London

Stolen Durga Idol Returns to India

Art News Daily : 6 October

6 Oct 2015

$5 Million Offered for Information on ISIS Looting

Art News Daily : 1 October

1 Oct 2015

Could the antiquities trade do more to combat looting?

As the destruction of archaeological sites in Syria and Iraq continues, what can dealers of legal antiquities do to end the trade in illegally obtained artefacts, and the looting it encourages?

28 Sep 2015

UNESCO Reports ‘Industrial Scale Looting’ in Syria

Art News Daily : 17 September

17 Sep 2015

Can 3D recording help preserve threatened sites in Syria and Iraq?

The complicated truth behind optimistic media reports

11 Sep 2015

Art Outlook

Isis destroys temple in Palmyra; Singapore court unfreezes Yves Bouvier’s assets; Argentina to return 4,000 ancient artefacts to Ecuador and Peru

27 Aug 2015

Art Outlook

Syrian archaeologist killed by Isis in Palmyra; Italy appoints 20 new museum directors; collector and philanthropist Melva Bucksbaum dies

20 Aug 2015

Art Outlook

French culture minister sacks Nicolas Bourriaud; Italy seeks 20 new museum directors; Whitworth wins Museum of the Year award; condom art controversy in Milwaukee

3 Jul 2015

Museums must work together to combat cultural destruction

Julian Raby, director of the Smithsonian’s Freer and Sackler galleries, speaks to Apollo

26 Jun 2015

Art Outlook

Isis destruction in Palmyra; Russborough treasures withdrawn from auction; Court orders Danh Vo to produce new work; Queen Elizabeth deeply unimpressed by painting

25 Jun 2015

Muse Reviews

Frida Kahlo in the garden; highlights from Art Basel; sculpture in Oslo; and Dan Holdsworth’s dizzying photographs

13 Jun 2015