Camilla Apcar writes on art, television and cars, for publications including the Financial Times

Review: ‘British Art at War: David Bomberg’ on BBC Four

Another informative episode, but why does it claim to be about war when the subject is given so little airtime?

29 Sep 2014

Review: ‘British Art at War: Walter Sickert’ on BBC Four

Andrew Graham-Dixon gives an engaging account of the modern artist and marketeer. But what about the war?

23 Sep 2014

Review: ‘British Art at War: Paul Nash’ on BBC Four

Andrew Graham-Dixon explores the work of Paul Nash, whose career was deeply affected by the two World Wars

16 Sep 2014

Download your own Deller: Own Art give away 10,000 digital editions…

Are Deller’s downloadable film stills really collectibles in the traditional sense of the term?

16 Jul 2014

Majesty and Mortar: Palaces on the BBC

The final episode of Dan Cruickshank’s enthusiastic and engaging tour of ‘Britain’s Great Palaces’ airs on BBC4 tonight

2 Jul 2014

Drawing in space: the 3D printing pen

Will the public get behind the 3D printing pen, which lets you draw in mid air?

26 Jun 2014

Saatchi Gallery and Google+ launch Motion Photography Prize

Is the GIF the latest art genre?

28 Apr 2014

Art, Architecture and Sustainability

The Architecture Foundation’s latest display looks at models of sustainability in architecture. Are visual artists keeping up?

29 Mar 2014

Is it a movement? Kinetic art at Christie’s

Christie’s is branching out into kinetic art – but what exactly is meant by the term?

3 Mar 2014

An Eye on the India Art Fair

What to expect from this year’s programme, plus co-owner Sandy Angus on the difficult but growing market in India

29 Jan 2014

Moving On

Digital work by the likes of Michael Craig-Marin, Matthu Placek and David Michalek is changing the face of contemporary portraiture

24 Jan 2014

Precious Tome

The authors of ‘Emerald’ present a sparkling visual and social history of the precious stone in this ambitious new publication

12 Jan 2014

Printing Press

3D printing is frequently in the news, and increasingly on public display. Have artists woken up to its potential?

11 Nov 2013

Music Artists?

‘Maybe it’s perfectly legitimate that they are here because Bob Dylan painted them…’ Why are musicians so popular with major art galleries?

2 Oct 2013