Camilla Beresford is a consulting landscape architect and historian

Oxford Botanic Garden in 2021.

Britain’s oldest botanical garden goes back to its roots

Oxford Botanic Garden has played a vital role in the evolution of plant science since it was founded 400 years ago

30 Sep 2021
Terracotta statue of Euterpe, the Muse of instrumental music, in St George's Gardens, Bloomsbury.

Parks and recreation: how London grew its green spaces

The pandemic has highlighted the need for urban projects such as the Camden Highline – and London has a long history of transforming unloved sites into havens for city dwellers

7 Apr 2021
Pages 54 (‘Stavesacre’) and 25 (‘Foxglove’) in Jacques le Moyne de Morgues’ florilegium at the V&A (painted c. 1575)

Budding prospects – a botanist’s guide to Elizabethan England

Jacques Le Moyne’s intricate depictions of flowers and herbs were a pioneering contribution to the field of botanical illustration

27 Nov 2020
Sir Joseph Banks, (detail) (1771–73), Sir Joshua Reynolds, National Portrait Gallery, London

‘My grand tour shall be one round the whole globe’

Joseph Banks’ plant specimens from Captain Cook’s first voyage are still of the greatest scientific importance

13 Dec 2017