Sandra Drew, Maryrose Sinn and Caroline Douglas outside Drew Gallery, 1986

Retrospectives are no longer just for artists – galleries are getting in on the game

A show exploring the legacy of Drew Gallery Projects in Canterbury is part of a wider recent trend

30 May 2019
Iceberg Hits (2018), Eva Rothschild.

‘My sculptures don’t exist in a vacuum’

Eva Rothschild talks about her work and influences – from minimalism to Ireland’s coastal landscapes

5 Apr 2018
CONDO 2018

A warm welcome for out-of-town guests at Condo 2018

The gallery-sharing initiative’s third edition provides a hopeful model for collaboration and creativity

25 Jan 2018
'Come Fresh Hell or Fresh Hell Water', installation view at Blain|Southern, London, 2017. Courtesy the artist and Blain|Southern. Photo: Richard Eaton

The slippery charms of Sophie Jung

The artist’s weird, witty sculptures refuse to let us fix their meaning

19 Dec 2017