Kitty Grady is a writer and translator based in London. She has written on art and culture for FT Weekend, Vogue, Vice and AnOther .

Weird Barbies and other unheavenly bodies – Anu Poder at the Muzeum Susch, reviewed

The Estonian artist stretched materials to their limit to create wonderfully distressed and disturbing sculptures

19 Jan 2024

The changing face of beauty through the ages

The Wellcome Collection’s sprawling show has a lot in common with a busy department store and proves that the beauty industry can be an exhausting business

15 Dec 2023

For Anne Collier, the eyes definitely have it

For the conceptual artist from New York, a show in County Wexford is a chance to focus on what it means to look – and to be looked at

23 Jun 2023
Haroon Mirza

Scandinavia’s oldest biennial is a thoroughly monstrous affair

In its determination to keep things as local as possible the Lofoten International Art Festival doesn’t shy away from the dark corners of the region’s history

29 Sep 2022