Luke Uglow is a lecturer in 19th-century art at the University of York.

The ulterior motifs of Aby Warburg

A new life of a very singular art historian places his work in the intellectual contexts of his time

3 Jun 2024
Detail from Giotto's John the Evangelist fresco at the Peruzzi Chapel in Santa Croce, Florence

The restorers who took a creative approach to Renaissance paintings

A new study assesses 19th-century interventions on paintings by Giotto and other masters, and their impact on art history

25 Nov 2021
Book end? The National Art Library at the V&A, London, photographed in 2016.

For the future of scholarship, the National Art Library must be protected

The V&A says it’s protecting the jobs of librarians (for now), but the fate of the greatest art library in the UK remains uncertain

19 Mar 2021
Portrait of Senator Giovanni Morelli, 1886, Franz von Lenbach. Accademia Carrara, Bergamo

The Italian statesman who redefined Renaissance art

Giovanni Morelli was a complex character, as attentive to the state of the Italian nation as he was to its art

28 Jan 2021