Domestic space made strange

The Israel Museum’s inquiry into the idea of home is full of surreal surprises

7 Jul 2017
Sir John Chancellor laying the foundations stone of the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem, June 1930. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C.

Where do Israel’s antiquities belong?

The Israel Antiquities Authority’s move from the Rockefeller Museum in East Jerusalem to a purpose-built campus in the West has revived disputes about preserving the country’s cultural heritage

26 Jun 2017
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Why the Israel Museum is searching for a new director… again

Weeks after Eran Neuman took up the directorship, he left. What’s going on at the Israel Museum?

1 May 2017

Maeve Brennan’s quiet filmmaking speaks volumes about conflict and culture

The artist’s meditative new film reveals how, in the midst of cyclical violence, objects and humans continue to drift

18 Apr 2017

Jesus’s tomb has been restored in Jerusalem

One of the holiest sites in Christianity has reopened in time for Easter

28 Mar 2017

Banksy’s new art hotel offers rooms with a view

Is the street artist’s hotel in Palestine a tourist-led gimmick or a strong political statement?

15 Mar 2017
A Painting to Defend, (1993), Chéri Samba.

Afrofuturism takes on a new meaning in Israel

With migrant workers and refugees from Africa settling in Israel, contemporary African art in Tel Aviv takes on a new urgency

21 Feb 2017