Niru Ratnam is Head of Gallery Development at Art14 London, writes for Art Review and the Spectator, and is a contributor to Apollo

Don’t want your public sculpture to get copied? Then make better public sculpture

Rachel Whiteread’s ‘House’ would never work as a Chinese knock-off

6 Oct 2015

Developers won’t bring the arts to Vauxhall

Developers’ attempts to introduce art to an area can often be wretched. Will Vauxhall avoid this fate?

24 Jul 2015

Inquiry: The Asian Biennial Boom

It’s easy to be sceptical about the art biennial boom in Asia. But how have the unconventional spaces of such events shaped artists’ practices in the region?

31 Oct 2014

Cork Street Galleries Under Threat: March Apollo

Niru Ratnam asks what the Cork Street development plans mean for London’s historic art trade

5 Mar 2014

Art14: Balancing Acts

Putting together a new fair is a challenge – it needs to have a distinctive direction to it

1 Mar 2014