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The Rake’s Progress: The Week in Gossip

The return of the fig leaf, Thomas Heatherwick’s selective statistics, and a museum director in the postroom

29 Jan 2016

Italy tucks away its assets to avoid Iranian blushes

Italian PM Matteo Renzi likes to boast about his country’s cultural heritage – until the Iranian president visits, that is…

27 Jan 2016

The Rake’s Progress: Last Week in Gossip

Harry Styles turns to painting, the new British Museum director’s penchant for Prince, and why Arts Council initiatives sound like second-rate action films

25 Jan 2016

The curious incident of the dog on Gormley’s coastline

British sculptor Antony Gormley has a furry new fan

22 Jan 2016

Bursting bubbles at the Saatchi Gallery

Great to have a show dedicated to women artists – but why the baffling title?

19 Jan 2016

Do women have to be censored to get on CBS?

The Guerrilla Girls appeared on TV this week with more than just their faces obscured…

16 Jan 2016

The US museums that will let you carry a gun – no joke, alas

The Denver Museum of Nature & Sciences has reversed its anti-gun policy. But it’s not the only shooting gallery in the US

8 Jan 2016

New Year in Manchester: Golden Cut or Half Cut?

How social media took the Golden Ratio out of all proportion…

6 Jan 2016

Rakewell revisited: Mao, Hamilton Finlay’s ‘heavies’ and Uri Geller’s spoon

Updates on some of Rakewell’s most popular stories from 2015, including the gentlemanly disagreement between Ian Hamilton Finlay, Brian Sewell and Apollo

3 Jan 2016

Your surreal Christmas, courtesy of a museum gift shop near you

Rakewell scours the museum gift shops of the world for his last-minute gifts for the entire family

17 Dec 2015

The Rake’s Progress: A Week in Gossip

Damien Hirst’s Xmas tree controversy; hungering after Olafur Eliasson’s vegetables; and is Shia LaBeouf screening Rakewell’s calls?

14 Dec 2015

An epidemic of selfie sadness in London’s museums

Wouldn’t we all be better off without glum selfie fanatics rampaging through our museums?

11 Dec 2015

‘The Most Democratic Form of Art’ comes to IKEA

Forget meatballs: Swedish flatpack giant IKEA is now flogging street art.

9 Dec 2015

The Rake’s Progress: A Week in Gossip

Arty Xmas shopping; a chocolate Putin; and a charming speech during Art Basel in Miami Beach

7 Dec 2015

Imagine… the BBC without Alan Yentob

Rakewell cringes through Alan Yentob’s most recent Imagine profile, of David Chipperfield

4 Dec 2015

FAO John McDonnell: Mao memorabilia for sale!

Introducing Rakewell, Apollo’s wandering eye on the art world. Look out for regular posts taking a rakish perspective on art…

30 Nov 2015

The Rake’s Progress: A Week in Gossip

Alex Salmond is enamoured of his new portrait; Norman Foster’s colourful wardrobe; and Paris Hilton hits the decks at Art Basel Miami Beach

29 Nov 2015

Tate Britain and the Poetry of Postcard Sales

Tate’s new advertising campaign turns away from images in favour of doggerel about postcard sales and selfies

27 Nov 2015

The Rake’s Progress: A Week in Gossip

Eddie Peake dresses up for Victoria Beckham; David Cameron pops into Pace; and the taste of Tinder CEO Sean Rad

22 Nov 2015

The Rake’s Progress: A Week in Gossip

Shia LaBeouf takes ‘meta modernism’ a step further, Catholic art is (sort of) emblematic of our times and the Rake singles out this month’s most bizarre exhibition.

16 Nov 2015

Modigliani’s Nipples Get the Trotsky Treatment from Bloomberg

What links Modigliani’s nipples with flatpacks, meatballs and Soviet opposition figures?

12 Nov 2015

Victoria Beckham and the ‘Artist to the Stars’

Victoria Beckham champions street art. Just like every other celebrity under the sun…

11 Nov 2015

The Rake’s Progress: A Week in Gossip

Lil Wayne’s art collection is reportedly repossessed; Adrien Brody has an arty side; and Ed Vaizey is a Rakewell reader… Extraordinary

8 Nov 2015