Raphael Cormack has a PhD from Edinburgh in Arabic theatre. He is the co-editor of ‘The Book of Khartoum’ (Comma Press)

Toward Damascus at the Foot of Mount Qassioun, Muhajreen Quarter, c. 1933, Mustafa Farroukh, Collection Hani Farroukh

The modern Arab artists who have turned to words

A century of writing by and about artists from the Arab world is full of debates that still resonate today

30 Oct 2018

Were the Egyptian Surrealists too unpatriotic to be popular?

Surrealism in Egypt was an international affair that lost out to more nationalist art movements

10 Jan 2017

The legendary bookseller of Cairo

The death of Cairo’s self-styled ‘friend of researchers’ feels like another great loss at an already difficult time

29 Mar 2016

Egyptology from the point of view of Egyptians

Review of a groundbreaking study of overlooked 20th-century scholars

11 Feb 2016