Richard Martin teaches at King’s College London, and is the author of The Architecture of David Lynch (Bloomsbury, 2014).

Carolee Schneemann holding a Venetian lion mask, photographed in London in May 2017, Photo: Benjamin McMahon

Painting for pleasure: an interview with Carolee Schneemann

Carolee Schneemann talks about capturing the moment – and explains why ‘performance art’ is a demeaning term

12 Aug 2017

Beyond the myth of 1970s New York

Douglas Crimp’s memoir-cum-cultural history reveals the reality behind the myth of New York’s thriving art scene in the 70s

24 Dec 2016

What are design museums for?

As London’s Design Museum is set to reopen in its new home, the role of design museums is still surprisingly unclear

26 Sep 2016

Is this exhibition Stanley Kubrick’s worst nightmare?

Kubrick took an ‘infinite amount of care’ over his films. The same can’t be said for this chaotic exhibition

12 Aug 2016
Remainder (2016), Omer Fast. Tom (Tom Sturridge) peers round model of Madlyn Mansions

‘Remainder’ replays the past in a doomed search for the truth

Let’s face it, this film about a man struggling to regain a sense of reality is perfect viewing this week

30 Jun 2016

Porn and paranoia on Tyneside

Omer Fast puts contemporary fears and fictions on display at the BALTIC Centre

19 May 2016

Surveillance and secrecy in Gateshead and London

Hajra Waheed’s exhibitions at BALTIC and the Mosaic Rooms are full of strange, evocative details

6 Apr 2016

Mark Wallinger’s uncanny identity parade

There’s no shortage of ideas in Mark Wallinger’s psychoanalytically-inspired new show, but it’s hardly a walk on the wild side

16 Mar 2016

Carolee Schneemann brings chaos, mess and erotic liberation to Salzburg

Never have chaos and excess been presented so clearly and coherently…

3 Feb 2016

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehn, good night to Salzburg’s kitsch cultural image

The city, unlikely as it seems, is becoming a crucial place to explore contemporary art

9 Jan 2016