Rob Weinberg is an art historian, author and radio producer with almost 30 years of experience on national radio in the United Kingdom

Beethoven with the manuscript for Missa Solemnis (detail; 1820), Joseph Karl Stieler.

How the only portrait Beethoven posed for in his lifetime became a much coveted memento

For the past two centuries, Joseph Karl Stieler’s portrait of the composer has been highly sought after by music lovers

4 Feb 2020
Untitled (Candida) (1965), David Smith. Installation view at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2019.

‘Drawing in space’ – the ingenious structures of David Smith

The AbEx sculptor found endless possibilities in the welding and painting of steel

17 Jul 2019

The cosmic visions of Richard Pousette-Dart

After an early involvement with Abstract Expressionism the painter set out on a more spiritual path

30 Oct 2018
Gesellschaft (Party) (1911), Emil Nolde.

Colour, controversy and religion in the art of Emil Nolde

From biblical scenes to garden paintings, the paintings of this German Expressionist reveal a complicated soul

9 Aug 2018
Birthday, Marc Chagall

Memory and modernity in Chagall’s early paintings

Marc Chagall realised new worlds in his art – but he peopled them with characters from his own provincial childhood

26 Jun 2018
Mark Tobey in his studio (1949). Courtesy Arthur Lyon Dahl. Photo by Larry Novak

The forgotten father of Abstract Expressionism

His ‘white writing’ style helped shape the course of modern painting, so why isn’t the artist better known?

12 May 2017