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Monumental Arch (1799), Desmaisons and Pierre Gabriel Berthault after Louis-François Cassas.

Return to Palmyra

The Getty Research Institute launches an online exhibition dedicated to the ruined ancient city

5 Feb 2021
The ancient city of Palmyra, photographed in 2017.

Russian and Syrian officials agree plans to restore Palmyra

Art news daily: 27 November

27 Nov 2019
Jewel of Palmyra

The Road to Palmyra

This display of Palmyran portrait sculptures sheds new light on life in the oasis city

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen

Syrian government forces recapture Palmyra

Art news daily : 3 March

3 Mar 2017

ISIS recaptures Palmyra

Art News Daily : 12 December

12 Dec 2016
The Narthex and south entry door to the Church os St Simeon Stylites. Much of the structure on the right hand side of the great doorway has been severely damaged by the blast on 12 May 2016.

While the world watches Palmyra, another of Syria’s heritage sites risks destruction

The Church of Saint Simeon near Aleppo is the greatest treasure of the Christian-Byzantine era in Syria – but it’s suffered extensive damage

20 May 2016

Palmyra may be safe – but Mosul is in peril

Art News Daily : 28 April

28 Apr 2016

Palmyra’s legacy is everywhere – and ISIS could never have erased it

The city’s ancient ruins inspired buildings around the world, many of which are now heritage sites themselves

14 Apr 2016

Forget digital recreations. Palmyra’s own future must come first

Syrian government forces have recaptured Palmyra from IS militants. What happens next is crucial

31 Mar 2016

Experts assess Palmyra damage

Art News Daily : 28 March

28 Mar 2016

Syrian government forces advance on Palmyra

Art News Daily : 24 March

24 Mar 2016

Russia Bombs Targets in Palmyra

Art News Daily : 4 November

4 Nov 2015

ISIS Executions in Palmyra

Art News Daily : 27 October

27 Oct 2015

Palmyra : ISIS Blows up Triumphal Arch

Art News Daily: 5 October

5 Oct 2015

Treasures from Palmyra preserved in the world’s museums

As ISIS destroys the site, these items are more important than ever

14 Sep 2015

Isis Publishes New Images of Palmyra Destruction

Art News Daily : 10 September

10 Sep 2015

Further Palmyra Destruction Confirmed

Art News round-up: 1 September

1 Sep 2015

Isis destroys ancient temple of Baalshamin in Palmyra

Syria’s head of antiquities reported the news on Sunday

23 Aug 2015

A tribute to Khaled al-Asaad, the archaeologist killed by Isis in Palmyra

The octogenarian dared to stand up to militants at the ancient site

20 Aug 2015

Palmyra archaeologist killed by Isis militants

Khaled al-Asaad served as director of antiquities of Palmyra for 40 years

20 Aug 2015

Haunting photographs of Palmyra go on display at the Smithsonian

A rare funerary bust is accompanied by 19th-century photographs from the site

10 Jun 2015

Why does Palmyra matter?

There’s been global concern over the fate of Palmyra after ISIS seized the site. Why are its ancient ruins so significant?

29 May 2015