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40 Under 40 USA 2023

Victoria Rogers

25 September 2023

Collector and patron, New York

In 2021, Victoria Rogers co-founded the Black Trustee Alliance (BTA): an organisation that publishes the influential annual Art Museum Trustee Report on the demographics of museum boards, the latest edition of which involved 900 respondents from the boards of 134 North American art institutions. Its findings led the BTA to suggest that institutions impose term limits on board memberships and consider moving away from a network-based recruitment model. Rogers was well positioned to co-found this initiative: alongside her work leading a strategy team at the software company Autodesk, Rogers is a board member at the Brooklyn Museum, the Studio Museum and the Terra Foundation. She is now the co-chair of the BTA and sits on the board of the Brooklyn Museum’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access committee. She was formerly the director of arts at Kickstarter, where she raised over $9.6m for 220 cultural projects, and was an advisor on generative AI at Google X. Artists in her own collection include Lauren Halsey, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Zoë Buckman, EJ Hill and Jennifer Packer.

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