Chloë Ashby lives in London. She is an associate editor at Monocle and has written about art and culture for the Guardian, Financial Times, TOAST Magazine and others.

Albertina Modern

The Albertina Modern’s opening has been delayed – so what are we missing out on?

The contemporary art satellite of the Albertina was set to open last week. Visitors will find solace there, says its director, when the lockdown is over

16 Mar 2020
Untitled (1977), Linder.

A cut above – Linder takes over Kettle’s Yard

The artist’s feminist photomontages fill the galleries, while the house is now punctuated with her interventions – and the scent of potpourri

18 Feb 2020
Driving the World to Destruction (1983), from the Powerplay series (1983–87), Judy Chicago.

Paper work – the British Museum shows off its collection of contemporary drawings

A selection of studies and sketches shows how the definition of drawing has happily ballooned in recent decades

4 Nov 2019
Night House with Lit Window (2012), Lois Dodd.

Out of the ordinary – Lois Dodd’s keen eye for the everyday

From seaside Maine to the streets of Manhattan, Dodd’s paintings depict the world around her

7 Aug 2019
The Rain Fell Everywhere (2018), David Salle.

David Salle puts a new spin on history painting

The painter’s witty and deceptively effortless works combine high and low culture to enjoyable effect

8 May 2019
Emma Kunz at her working table, Waldstatt, 1958.

The kaleidoscopic visions of Emma Kunz

The Swiss spiritualist used drawings to diagnose patients, but her works are now regarded as art

27 Mar 2019