David Ekserdjian is Professor of History of Art and Film at the University of Leicester

Why it’s time for someone to catalogue Fra Bartolommeo’s drawings

As an exhibition in Rotterdam shows, Fra Bartolommeo draughtsmanship is ravishingly beautiful

9 Jan 2017
Allegory of the Immaculate Conception (detail; 1566), Carlo Portelli.

Never mind the buttocks

An exhibition in Florence finally gives Carlo Portelli the attention he deserves

7 Apr 2016

Tullio Lombardo’s great but forgotten sculptures

A new publication by Anne Markham Schulz pieces together the story of the sculptor’s oeuvre

23 Dec 2015

Fitzwilliam Museum attributes two bronzes to Michelangelo

David Ekserdjian discusses the recent announcement

2 Feb 2015

Review: Baccio Bandinelli at the Bargello

Baccio Bandinelli is arguably the least loved major artist of the Renaissance. This is the ideal opportunity to reconsider his achievement

6 Jun 2014

Outstanding Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes at the Frick Collection

A small but exceptional display of bronzes from the Hill Collection

10 Mar 2014