Peter Crack is a freelance writer based in London

In the Frame: National Gallery celebrates an overlooked art form

For many of us, frames are something of an afterthought, but it wasn’t always so

14 Apr 2015

Paul Durand-Ruel: Gambler, Discoverer or Inventor?

By mid September, the same show will have toured three cities, in three countries, and will have picked up three different titles along the way

3 Mar 2015

Review: Kenneth Clark at Tate Britain

It won’t pull in the crowds, but this niche exhibition rewards those who do visit

11 Jun 2014

Gerry Judah’s First World War memorial for St Paul’s Cathedral

Judah’s sculptures remember all those affected by war throughout the last century

11 Apr 2014

Beyond Painting: ‘Renaissance Impressions’ at the RA

The chiaroscuro woodcut prints in this exhibition are technically brilliant and visually beautiful. The only thing they lack here is context

27 Mar 2014

Intelligent Design: Beautiful Science at the British Library

We tend to forget how good art and design can be at communicating big ideas, and, it turns out, big data

17 Mar 2014

Losing Control: ‘Martin Creed: What’s the point of It?’

Creed asserts himself over the Hayward Gallery’s spaces and his presence is never entirely benign

23 Feb 2014

Play Your Cards Right

You may come to the Museum of the Order of St John for its ‘Caravaggio’, but you’ll stay for the rich stories

2 Feb 2014

Spot the Difference

One set of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers was popular enough – it’s worth braving the crowds at the National Gallery to see two side by side

28 Jan 2014

Missing Genius

Castiglione’s works at the Queen’s Gallery skilfully emulate, but never quite live up to, those of his more famous contemporaries

13 Jan 2014

A Roman Renaissance

‘Antoniazzo Romano: Pictor Urbis’ at the Palazzo Barberini in Rome attempts to shed new light on this enigmatic artist’s career

12 Dec 2013

Cross Hatchings

Wherever tradition clashes with the public interest, there lies the satirist’s pen. Little wonder that cartoonists periodically target museums

16 Nov 2013

Spencer’s Tour

Stanley Spencer’s paintings from the Sandham Memorial Chapel – currently touring the UK – are among the most important artistic responses to the First World War

14 Nov 2013

Absent Elizabeth

The queen’s portraits in ‘Elizabeth I & Her People’ are among the least interesting in the NPG’s revealing exhibition of Tudor art

4 Nov 2013

Preaching to the Choir

TEDxAlbertopolis promised to dispel the myth that science and art are divided. They clearly aren’t and arguably never have been

26 Sep 2013

Controversy by Design

It may be a publicity stunt, but the V&A’s controversial acquisition of the ‘Liberator’ 3D printed gun says a lot about our ambivalent relationship to new technologies

18 Sep 2013

Getty’s Images

Peter Crack on why a picture is worth a thousand words…

12 Sep 2013

Gauguin’s Gap Year

The story behind Samuel Courtauld’s collection of Gauguin paintings is more compelling than the works themselves

5 Sep 2013

Italy’s Digital Ruins

When will Italian museums do something to improve their websites?

2 Sep 2013

Review: Giants in the Field

Moore and Rodin make unlikely bedfellows but their pairing at Perry Green results in some fruitful juxtapositions

1 Sep 2013

Review: Ghost in the Machine

This summer Michael Landy brings giant robots to the National Gallery in London

1 Sep 2013