Will Martin is a designer who lives and works in London

Untitled (2002), Page from Art & Beauty Magazine, #2 (2003), R. Crumb.

Crumbs! Here’s a gallery full of somebody else’s seedy secrets

‘I began wasting my god-given talent drawing pictures of sexy women the way I liked ‘em’. An exhibition of R. Crumb’s work invites us all to become voyeurs

19 Apr 2016

Art Imitating Life: Duane Hanson at the Serpentine

Hanson’s lifelike works are perfectly suited to a public gallery space in London’s main park

6 Jul 2015

Thomas Struth in Israel and Palestine: a land shaped and scarred by religion

Everything in Struth’s shots seems to have taken on a level of aggression

8 Jun 2015

Fun and Games: 15th annual Serpentine Pavilion revealed

The Serpentine unveils plans for its summer pavilion

25 Mar 2015

The scars of war: ‘Conflict, Time, Photography’ at Tate

Tate’s exhibition aims not to shock, but to contemplate the lasting effects of conflict on the people and places affected

18 Dec 2014

Review: Bernd and Hilla Becher at Sprüth Magers

An earnest girl in a Hackney pub once told me she was fascinated by motorway flyovers; ‘I just think they’re…

19 Sep 2014