Will Martin is a designer who lives and works in London

'Mike Nelson: Lionheart', installation view, The New Art Gallery Walsall, 2018.

Mike Nelson sets up camp in Walsall

At the New Art Gallery the artist remakes an old installation exploring migration and belonging in Europe

22 Mar 2018
The Lane Family, (2017), Martin Parr, © Martin Parr.

Posing for Martin Parr

The photographer’s foundation opens with pop-up portrait sessions and an exhibition of images of the West Midlands

9 Jan 2018
Harbor Marina (Morning), Memphis, TN (2000), Alec Soth. © Magnum/Alec Soth. Image courtesy of Beetles+Huxley and Sean Kelly Gallery, NY

Taking notes with Alec Soth

Soth’s photographs in ‘Sleeping by the Mississippi’ are beautiful and intriguing, but the stories behind them bring them to life

17 Oct 2017
Mexico City suicide attempt (25 May, 1971), Enrique Metinides. Michael Hoppen Gallery, London

Enrique Metinides made an art out of looking at people looking at death

The photographer’s images of disaster combine grisly detail with gifted composition, and implicate the viewer as much as the gathering crowds at the scene

9 Mar 2017
Willem Sandberg in 1955

‘A poster has to be joyous’. The energy and enthusiasm of Willem Sandberg

The designer and director of the Stedelijk Museum had a remarkable life: don’t miss an opportunity to learn about him at the De La Warr Pavilion

11 Jul 2016
Untitled (2002), Page from Art & Beauty Magazine, #2 (2003), R. Crumb.

Crumbs! Here’s a gallery full of somebody else’s seedy secrets

‘I began wasting my god-given talent drawing pictures of sexy women the way I liked ‘em’. An exhibition of R. Crumb’s work invites us all to become voyeurs

19 Apr 2016

Art Imitating Life: Duane Hanson at the Serpentine

Hanson’s lifelike works are perfectly suited to a public gallery space in London’s main park

6 Jul 2015

Thomas Struth in Israel and Palestine: a land shaped and scarred by religion

Everything in Struth’s shots seems to have taken on a level of aggression

8 Jun 2015

Fun and Games: 15th annual Serpentine Pavilion revealed

The Serpentine unveils plans for its summer pavilion

25 Mar 2015

The scars of war: ‘Conflict, Time, Photography’ at Tate

Tate’s exhibition aims not to shock, but to contemplate the lasting effects of conflict on the people and places affected

18 Dec 2014

Review: Bernd and Hilla Becher at Sprüth Magers

An earnest girl in a Hackney pub once told me she was fascinated by motorway flyovers; ‘I just think they’re…

19 Sep 2014