Let’s hope the Great Exhibition of the North will live up to its name

The project needs to follow historical examples if it is to avoid the shambles of the Millennium Experience

8 Aug 2016

Make Rio great again!

Brasília is a failed, sterile city. It’s time that Rio became the capital of Brazil again

5 Aug 2016

Jousting is closer to performance art than an Olympic sport

English Heritage wants jousting to be recognised as an Olympic sport – but perhaps it’s a more complicated activity altogether?

29 Jul 2016

Why do corporations collect art – and what should they do with it?

Forming a corporate art collection is easy, but keeping it together is hard – and selling it is even harder.

28 Jul 2016

How can we save culture heritage sites from climate change?

The combination of climate change and apathy is a perfect storm for cultural sites around the world

27 Jul 2016

Has Le Corbusier stopped being an ogre?

17 buildings by Le Corbusier are now on the World Heritage list. Why has it taken so long?

25 Jul 2016

Arts Council England rethinks its funding process

Arts Council England is making significant changes to its investment processes: a round-up of the key headlines and implications for the culture sector

21 Jul 2016
Remnants (2011–2016), Liisa Roberts.

Outside the museum: art on Helsinki’s islands

Is the redevelopment of Finland’s open spaces changing how local artists work?

19 Jul 2016
The Angkor-period temple of Banteay Top, within the Banteay Chhmar acquisition block. Lidar revealed details of a large earthen enclosure and additional temple sites and occupation areas in the vicinity of this large stone temple.

Airborne technology is revealing Cambodia’s extraordinary medieval history

Cambodia’s historic temples are some of the most impressive in the world, but there’s so much more hidden beneath the forest floor

16 Jul 2016

The Art Institute of Chicago acquires superb Sebastiano del Piombo painting

The new acquisition, arranged with Colnaghi, testifies to just how productive the nurturing of museum-dealer relationships can be

11 Jul 2016
Spanish police arrested seven people in connection with the theft of five Francis Bacon paintings earlier this year

How technology is changing the way we tackle art theft

Smartphones and digital cameras are new sources of evidence for investigators, but they can also aid art thieves

7 Jul 2016

Brexit will happen. The British culture sector needs a new plan

If anything is going to come out of this shock to the system, there are lessons to be learned

5 Jul 2016

What is a European Capital of Culture for?

Can San Sebastián, one of this year’s European Capitals of Culture, provide some answers?

27 Jun 2016

The secret lives of the great art dealers

The art dealer memoir offers a rare chance to gain access into the life of even the most elusive art dealer

27 Jun 2016
Contemporary Istanbul 2015

Art and instability in Istanbul

Anyone who witnessed Istanbul’s rise as a cosmopolitan hub over the past decade will notice the stark change that has come over it this year

Switch House, Tate Modern

Why has Tate consigned painting to history?

Painting isn’t dead, but it has been prematurely buried in Tate Modern’s Boiler House

20 Jun 2016
Screenshot from ISIS video showing the destroyed 'mermen' statues of the seven sages at the Fish Gate, Temple of Nabu, Nimrud, Iraq

The centre of learning destroyed by ISIS in Iraq

The Temple of Nabu at Nimrud was home to a library, whose surviving texts form a vivid picture of everyday life in ancient Assyria

17 Jun 2016

Making space for Dublin’s artists

There is a crisis of artists’ studio space in the city – but the artists are organising against it

16 Jun 2016

Inside the UNESCO conference to save Syria’s heritage

Experts gathered in Berlin to share ideas, but coming up with a coordinated strategy is impossible when the situation is so volatile

10 Jun 2016

Why Manifesta makes sense in Marseille

The roving contemporary art biennial comes to France in 2020, but what does it mean for Marseille?

5 Jun 2016

Irish ire over heritage ‘downgrade’

The term’s been dropped from the title of the government department in charge of culture

1 Jun 2016

What does the Jameel Prize mean for contemporary Islamic art?

The award seeks to inspire a Renaissance in Islamic art, and is deliberately casting its net wide

31 May 2016
Xavier Bray is to take over as director of the Wallace Collection

Wallace Collection appoints Xavier Bray as new director

It will take both ambition and creative thinking to lead the museum: thankfully, Bray’s record so far suggests he has plenty of both

27 May 2016
Mirror valve: game of chess, from the Louvre collection

Antique ivory poses no threat to elephant conservation: in fact, it needs protection itself

Antiques dealers have cause for concern, but there’s also an opportunity to broaden the debate…

25 May 2016