The Replica scanner developed by Factum Arte, currently digitising the photographic library of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice. Photo: Matteo De Fina; courtesy Fondazione Giorgio Cini

How high-resolution photography is changing the way we look at art

Advances in digital imaging are revolutionising the study of art history

6 Nov 2018
The Scullery Maid (detail; c. 1738), Jean-Siméon Chardin. Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow

Pots, pans and pondering in Chardin’s domestic scenes

The 18th-century painter’s depictions of servants paused at work raise questions about the nature of attention

2 Nov 2018
Nosferatu, Eine Symphonie Des Grauens (still; 1922), dir. F. W. Murnau.

Seven Halloween horror films for art historians

From Nosferatu to the Scream franchise – Apollo’s editors select some arty horror movies

30 Oct 2018
Peasant Dance, Pieter Bruegel

The sophisticated side of Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Bruegel may have painted many peasants, but he was one of the most complex – and urbane – artists of his day

27 Oct 2018
Anni Albers photographed at her weaving studio at Black Mountain College in 1937 by Helen M. Post, Photo: courtesy the Western Regional Archives, State Archives of North Carolina

Anni Albers weaves her magic at Tate Modern

A major exhibition devoted to the artist restores her – and the craft of weaving – to the heart of the modern movement

20 Oct 2018
Aerial view of the Pavilions and Michael Heizer’s Compression Line (1968/2016).

A game-changing expansion for the Glenstone Museum

The reopened museum in Maryland raises the bar for what we can expect from private collections

16 Oct 2018
Bolton Mills (1938), Julian Trevelyan.

How Julian Trevelyan made an art of everyday life

The British artist was a key figure in the social research movement known as Mass Observation

15 Oct 2018
Young Girl with a Vase (detail; 1889), Berthe Morisot. Private collection.

Berthe Morisot comes into her own

A landmark exhibition puts the painter back where she belongs – at the heart of the Impressionist movement

6 Oct 2018

Acquisitions of the month: August/September 2018

A Cubist collage and a portrait of Dylan Thomas are among the top works acquired by public collections recently

3 Oct 2018
Bible Keghi (1586), copied and illuminated by Hakob of Julfa (Hakob Jughayets‘i). Private collection.

What the art of Armenia can tell us about a place and its people

The Met’s exhibition helps us understand a region that has always been hard to define, but there are many other stories to be told

29 Sep 2018
Geta Brătescu in 2012.

The utopian visions of Geta Brătescu

An exhibition in Berlin has turned into a fitting tribute to the late artist and her inspiring attitude towards the world

28 Sep 2018
MoCAB, Belgrade.

The museums of Belgrade are well worth a visit – now that they’ve finally reopened

After years of closure, the National Museum in Belgrade and MoCAB are both open again

24 Sep 2018
Portrait of Horace Walpole, Joshue Reynolds

The treasures of Horace Walpole come home to Strawberry Hill

Much of Walpole’s extensive collection is about to return to its original neo-gothic surroundings

24 Sep 2018
Drawings by W.S. Graham over the pages of Artificial Limbs: For Use After Amputation and Congenital Deficiencies by F.G. Ernst (1923).

‘No story of painting in St Ives is complete without W.S. Graham’

An exhibition on the art of the Scottish poet reveals the impact that his friendship with the St Ives artists had on his own work

20 Sep 2018

How the V&A Dundee is rewriting the history of Scotland

The country’s first design museum is taking a cosmopolitan approach to presenting the national story

14 Sep 2018
Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, main building at Ausstellungsstrasse, 2017.

The Design Museum Zurich gets a stylish makeover

The refurbished museum is filled with fascinating objects from New Wave typography to a Swiss railway clock

12 Sep 2018
The National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, photographed on 3 September 2018, a day after a fire devastated the building.

In losing its national museum, Brazil has been robbed of a chapter of its history

The museum housed in the former royal palace in Rio de Janeiro was once a symbol of national pride and progress

4 Sep 2018

Art goes underground at a new museum in Helsinki

The Amos Rex brings together classic Finnish functionalism and a futuristic underground space

2 Sep 2018
Model Citizens (2008), Wouter Osterholt and Elke Uitentuis.

The remarkable rebirth of the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo

The pioneering space for contemporary art has reopened and transformed itself into a vital local centre

31 Aug 2018
Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Chester French

The museum pieces that every school kid in the US needs to see

Five leading museum directors pick objects that should be seen by every child in America

29 Aug 2018
The Miracle of the Slave, Tintoretto

The triumph of Tintoretto

To mark the 500th anniversary of Tintoretto’s birth, the Venetian artist is finally having a major exhibition in his hometown

28 Aug 2018
'Giselle' (1841), performed by the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House, London, in 2018, in a production using designs from 1985 by John Macfarlane, photo: Helen Maybanks; © ROH 2018

Creating a scene on stage

How set designers and scene painters have beguiled audiences through the centuries

27 Aug 2018
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The lasting legacy of Thomas Chippendale

Three hundred years after the cabinet-maker’s birth, his name is still a byword for excellence

25 Aug 2018
Pharmacy 2 at Newport Street Gallery, London.

Eight bars and restaurants for art lovers

Forget the food … where can you go for a good interior, an artist-run hub, or some art worth looking at on the walls?

23 Aug 2018