‘Venus Drawn Out’ at The Armory Show, New York

Susan Harris has drawn together an impressive selection of drawings by 20th-century women artists, for The Armory Show’s first curated display

3 Mar 2014

Malcolm Rogers to retire from the MFA Boston

Malcolm Rogers, the director of the MFA Boston, has announced that he is to retire

28 Feb 2014

Art Outlook: 27 February

Our round-up of stories from the week: trouble in Sydney as artists speak out against the Sydney Biennale’s main sponsor

27 Feb 2014

How not to remove a Banksy

On 20 February the Independent posted an article explaining how Banksy murals are removed: the next day, somebody had a crack at it.

26 Feb 2014

Protest at the Guggenheim over Saadiyat Island labour conditions

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi is to be built on the site in the United Arab Emirates

25 Feb 2014

Collectors sue the Keith Haring Foundation

The $40 million suit argues that by labelling around 80 works as fake, the foundation destroyed their value

23 Feb 2014

The Prix Marcel Duchamp

Four nominees have been announced for the 2014 Marcel Duchamp Prize, the French equivalent of the UK’s Turner Prize

22 Feb 2014

Rubbished: contemporary art thrown away by cleaner

The two works, part of a group display in Italy, were mistaken for rubbish

20 Feb 2014

Art Outlook: 20 February

Stories from the art world that have caught our eye this week

20 Feb 2014

Obama’s apology to art historians

Obama has sent a handwritten apology to Professor Ann Collins Johns for the ‘off-the-cuff remarks’ he made about art history

19 Feb 2014

Florida artist destroys Ai Weiwei vase

A Florida artist has been charged with destroying a vase by Ai Weiwei in an apparently deliberate attack

18 Feb 2014

A Tribute to Patrick Scott

Patrick Scott has died aged 93, on the eve of his retrospective exhibition at IMMA

14 Feb 2014

Art Outlook: 13 February

Stories from the art world that have caught our eye this week

13 Feb 2014

Second Gurlitt hoard comes to light

Why has it only just emerged that Cornelius Gurlitt kept 60 additional works in his Salzburg flat?

12 Feb 2014

Nancy Holt: 1938–2014

The celebrated land artist Nancy Holt, wife of Robert Smithson, has died at the age of 75. There has been a resurgence of interest in her work in recent years

11 Feb 2014

Fourth Plinth Winners Announced

Hans Haacke and David Shrigley have been awarded the next two commissions for London’s empty plinth

7 Feb 2014

Art Outlook: 6 February

Fakes, lawsuits and feminism… Stories from the art world that have caught our eye this week

6 Feb 2014

Six Sundays: Louvre cuts back on free entry scheme

The Louvre’s monthly free Sundays may be a circus, but abolishing them strikes at the heart of one of its founding principles: culture for all

6 Feb 2014

What’s Next on the Fourth Plinth?

Which sculpture would you like to see on Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth when the Blue Cock flies the coop?

5 Feb 2014

Art Outlook: 30 January

Stories from the art world that have caught our eye this week

30 Jan 2014

Popularity Contest: Boston Loves Impressionism

The votes are in: these are the 10 most popular Impressionist pieces at the MFA Boston. Pick a favourite…

28 Jan 2014