Ai Weiwei shows the world his passport via Instagram.

Ai Weiwei’s returned passport is a coup for the RA

What will the freedom to travel mean for his art?

22 Jul 2015

The Accademia in Venice is falling to pieces

I cannot remember seeing a museum building in such an appalling state

21 Jul 2015

Art Outlook

Cuban government returns Tania Bruguera’s passport; Gerhard Richter threatens to pull loaned artworks from German museums; Douglas Gordon attacks theatre with axe

16 Jul 2015

Living with art: a look at Los Angeles’ domestic gallery spaces

Why rent a gallery when you can use your own apartment?

15 Jul 2015

Introducing this year’s Prix Pictet contenders

The theme for the latest edition of the prestigious prize is ‘Disorder’

14 Jul 2015

Who’s in the running to lead Italy’s top museums? A look at the shortlists

Culture minister Dario Franceschini has 20 very big decisions to make

14 Jul 2015

Art Outlook

Art news: Ai Weiwei shows in Beijing; Gwangju Biennial and New Museum Triennial curators announced; stolen Rodin sculpture found; MFA Boston in racism row

10 Jul 2015

London Art Week Highlights

From Old Master portraits to 20th-century abstraction: there’s plenty on offer in the capital this week

7 Jul 2015

Art Outlook

French culture minister sacks Nicolas Bourriaud; Italy seeks 20 new museum directors; Whitworth wins Museum of the Year award; condom art controversy in Milwaukee

3 Jul 2015

Is the art market unhealthy?

Some major art dealers are calling it quits, others have joined forces. Who’s saying what about the changing state of the industry?

3 Jul 2015

New scheme to get work by female artists into museums

Valeria Napoleone and the Contemporary Art Society are taking a proactive approach to a protracted issue

2 Jul 2015

Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2015: Shortlist

Six museums are in the running for this year’s £100,000 prize. Which would you choose?

1 Jul 2015

Acquisitions of the Month: June 2015

A good month for women artists: works by Louise Bourgeois, Elizabeth Remington, and Anna Vallayer-Coster are acquired for major museums

1 Jul 2015

Art Outlook

Isis destruction in Palmyra; Russborough treasures withdrawn from auction; Court orders Danh Vo to produce new work; Queen Elizabeth deeply unimpressed by painting

25 Jun 2015

Art Outlook

Europe remembers Waterloo; Outsider artist Nek Chand dies; Art Basel opens its doors; and Anish Kapoor’s ‘vagina’ sculpture is vandalised at Versailles

18 Jun 2015

10 celebrities who claim to be artists

Meet the musicians, actors and politicians who dabble in the arts

16 Jun 2015

Major fire at the Basilique Saint-Donatien in Nantes

Video from the scene suggests serious damage to the building

15 Jun 2015

Baltic Diary: Making Art Work in Finland

Can Finland’s art scene survive in the face of declining public funding, lack of economic security, and oversupply of labour?

14 Jun 2015

Art Outlook

Attempted terrorist attack at Karnak; chaos on the Cooper Union board; Sleeping Beauty found in Ethiopian tomb; and the new Garage Museum

12 Jun 2015

Haunting photographs of Palmyra go on display at the Smithsonian

A rare funerary bust is accompanied by 19th-century photographs from the site

10 Jun 2015

Is Culture Bigger Than Politics? The British Museum and Abu Dhabi

The ‘Museum for the World’ is a noble but dangerous ideal

10 Jun 2015

Art Outlook

British Museum highlights could be sent to Abu Dhabi; Iranian artist imprisoned for ‘insulting the Supreme Leader’; MoMA staff stage protests

4 Jun 2015

Cuba’s censorship of Tania Bruguera’s art makes her message more powerful

In a way, the disruption completes the performance

2 Jun 2015