Pompeii in progress? Conservation efforts continue at the ancient site

We take a look at some of the latest triumphs and setbacks

18 Aug 2015

New German Cultural Heritage Law Draws Protest from Artists and Collectors

Gerhard Richter and Georg Baselitz are among those taking a stand

14 Aug 2015

How Edmund de Waal came to love the colour white

The artist is to curate a show about the colour at the Royal Academy

12 Aug 2015

UK government extends export bar on £16 million Sekhemka statue

Will anyone step forward to buy the work for the nation?

11 Aug 2015

The Gardner Museum Theft 25 Years On

The FBI may know who stole them, but the location of 13 masterpieces remains a mystery

11 Aug 2015

Art Outlook

All-out strike at the National Gallery; Gulf Labor in Venice; €80million for cultural projects in Italy; and a new Global CEO for Bonhams

6 Aug 2015

Italian government invests €80million in heritage sites

The headline winners are the Uffizi and the Colosseum

5 Aug 2015

Are the National Gallery strikes just the beginning?

However this issue is resolved, it won’t be the last such confrontation

5 Aug 2015

Picasso painting seized from super-yacht in Corsica

The incident raises difficult questions about private collectors and national interests

5 Aug 2015

Arguments Between Artists and Patrons

Does Jeff Koons own the concept of a balloon dog? And why did Lucian Freud turn Jerry Hall into a man?

Acquisitions of the Month: July 2015

Which major works have made it into public collections this month?

2 Aug 2015

Art Outlook

Tate Britain appoints its next director; Ai Weiwei denied a six-month visa by UK government; Paolozzi’s London Underground murals relocate to Edinburgh; and the National Gallery makes an unusual painting purchase

30 Jul 2015
Ai Weiwei shows the world his passport via Instagram.

Ai Weiwei denied UK visa for a criminal conviction he does not have

Ai Weiwei’s visit to Britain for the opening of his show at the Royal Academy will be brief. The British…

30 Jul 2015

Tate Britain appoints Alex Farquharson as new director

What should we expect from Tate Britain’s new director, and what does his appointment mean for the future of the Tate overall?

29 Jul 2015

Gallery: Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy

Preview the works that will go on display at the Royal Academy this autumn

27 Jul 2015

Seeing through space and time

John Berger’s seminal work Ways of Seeing inspired a lively conference at Royal Museums Greenwich

26 Jul 2015
Ai Weiwei shows the world his passport via Instagram.

Art Outlook

York Art Gallery reintroduces entrance charges; Ai Weiwei gets his passport back; The Hermitage will open an outpost in Moscow; Baselitz and Richter throw their cultural weight around.

23 Jul 2015
Ai Weiwei shows the world his passport via Instagram.

Ai Weiwei’s returned passport is a coup for the RA

What will the freedom to travel mean for his art?

22 Jul 2015

The Accademia in Venice is falling to pieces

I cannot remember seeing a museum building in such an appalling state

21 Jul 2015

Art Outlook

Cuban government returns Tania Bruguera’s passport; Gerhard Richter threatens to pull loaned artworks from German museums; Douglas Gordon attacks theatre with axe

16 Jul 2015

Living with art: a look at Los Angeles’ domestic gallery spaces

Why rent a gallery when you can use your own apartment?

15 Jul 2015

Introducing this year’s Prix Pictet contenders

The theme for the latest edition of the prestigious prize is ‘Disorder’

14 Jul 2015

Who’s in the running to lead Italy’s top museums? A look at the shortlists

Culture minister Dario Franceschini has 20 very big decisions to make

14 Jul 2015