Art Outlook

Isis destruction in Palmyra; Russborough treasures withdrawn from auction; Court orders Danh Vo to produce new work; Queen Elizabeth deeply unimpressed by painting

25 Jun 2015

Art Outlook

Europe remembers Waterloo; Outsider artist Nek Chand dies; Art Basel opens its doors; and Anish Kapoor’s ‘vagina’ sculpture is vandalised at Versailles

18 Jun 2015

10 celebrities who claim to be artists

Meet the musicians, actors and politicians who dabble in the arts

16 Jun 2015

Major fire at the Basilique Saint-Donatien in Nantes

Video from the scene suggests serious damage to the building

15 Jun 2015

Baltic Diary: Making Art Work in Finland

Can Finland’s art scene survive in the face of declining public funding, lack of economic security, and oversupply of labour?

14 Jun 2015

Art Outlook

Attempted terrorist attack at Karnak; chaos on the Cooper Union board; Sleeping Beauty found in Ethiopian tomb; and the new Garage Museum

12 Jun 2015

Haunting photographs of Palmyra go on display at the Smithsonian

A rare funerary bust is accompanied by 19th-century photographs from the site

10 Jun 2015

Is Culture Bigger Than Politics? The British Museum and Abu Dhabi

The ‘Museum for the World’ is a noble but dangerous ideal

10 Jun 2015

Art Outlook

British Museum highlights could be sent to Abu Dhabi; Iranian artist imprisoned for ‘insulting the Supreme Leader’; MoMA staff stage protests

4 Jun 2015

Cuba’s censorship of Tania Bruguera’s art makes her message more powerful

In a way, the disruption completes the performance

2 Jun 2015

The Magnificent 20: these Italian museums have been granted financial autonomy

These 20 Italian museums will appoint new directors this year and will be granted financial autonomy, as part of the…

1 Jun 2015

Are Italy’s museum reforms enough to stop the rot?

Red tape, nepotism, funding shortages…The Italian museum system has long been in need of an overhaul

1 Jun 2015

Acquisitions of the Month: May 2015

Barbra Streisand donates to LACMA; the Met and the NGA pay homage to Aaron Douglas; SNPG celebrates the Scottish Colourist F. C. B. Cadell

31 May 2015

Have the SuicideGirls trumped Richard Prince?

An inventive 21st-century response to copyright infringement

30 May 2015

Art Outlook

Fighting continues in Palmyra; Tania Bruguera is detained in Havana; Richard Prince raids Instagram

28 May 2015

Fit for a Sun King: the Latona Fountain reopens at Versailles

Turtles, lizards and frog-men on Louis XIV’s famous fountain get a spectacular makeover

27 May 2015

Art Outlook

Fears for Palmyra as Islamic State militants seize neighbouring town; Anne Pasternak takes over at the Brooklyn Museum; Abramovic and Jay Z have a very public spat

21 May 2015

Selling the collection to save the house: Russborough and Irish heritage

Ireland should be more concerned over the dispersal of its cultural heritage

18 May 2015

Avert your Eyes: Censored Art Masterpieces

The Picasso painting censored by Fox 5 News is just the latest major artwork to be deemed indecent

18 May 2015

London Diary

Hockney’s psychedelic new creations at Annely Juda; Thomas Struth’s exceptional photographs at Marian Goodman; and Andre Kertesz at James Hyman

17 May 2015

Art Outlook

Chris Burden dies aged 69; the Royal Academy gets a redesign; architects crash the Turner Prize

14 May 2015

Highlights from ‘Inca: Conquests of the Andes’ in Dallas

The Inca Empire exerted extraordinary influence over Andean culture; but the region’s art was constantly changing

14 May 2015

Tretyakov Gallery searched in Moscow art smuggling investigation

We asked Russian art expert James Butterwick for comment

13 May 2015