Tom Jeffreys is a writer, curator and editor based in London and Helsinki

Finding Fanon (2015–17), David Blandy and Larry Achiampong. Photo: Sam Garwood

Riding the wave: Plymouth’s burgeoning art scene

The city’s cultural ambitions are growing in the run-up to the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage

24 Aug 2017
Christian Delécluse's installation in the Galerie rouge at Maison de la Pierre

Shining a light on France’s disused quarries

Once, they provided the stones that built Paris. Now, the disused quarries of Saint-Maximin are being transformed into venues for art

11 Jul 2017
Entrance to Copenhagen Contemporary. Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Does contemporary art have a home in Copenhagen?

Several of the city’s avant-garde spaces are suburban. Now it looks like a major central gallery will move out, too

13 Apr 2017

Shadows beneath the surface of the sea

On the southern coast of France, a new exhibition is exploring our troubled relationship with the world’s oceans

6 Apr 2017
Yvon Lambert, Paris

The bookish side of Parisian art

In Paris the art world and the book world frequently overlap. Here are some of the most interesting initiatives across the capital

14 Feb 2017
Meteorite hits Savissivik, by Siobhan McDonald. Photo: Vincent Hoban

Siobhan McDonald’s chance encounters with a changing world

The artist’s exhibition at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris explores big themes of climate change, landscape and loss

9 Feb 2017
Installation view of On Translation: The Games (1996) by Antoni Muntadas at Atlanta College of Art Gallery

Found in translation

Are there too many languages and can translation ever really bridge our gaps in understanding?

20 Jan 2017
The Museum of Nonhumanity is the latest iteration of 'The History of Others', an ongoing project by artist Terike Haapoja and writer Laura Gustafsson. Helsinki.

Helsinki’s artists are world class – but recognition has to start at home

Both government and business need to realise how much the art scene here is worth celebrating, and sooner rather than later

25 Oct 2016
New Holland Island, St Petersburg. Photo by Crystal Bennes

These are difficult times for St Petersburg’s art scene

The city is known for its heritage, but its contemporary cultural scene is struggling

14 Sep 2016
Remnants (2011–2016), Liisa Roberts.

Outside the museum: art on Helsinki’s islands

Is the redevelopment of Finland’s open spaces changing how local artists work?

19 Jul 2016