Review: Role Plays

Stage-set scenarios and incongruous figure groupings lend Jockum Nordström’s work at the Camden Arts Centre an unsettling appeal

8 Sep 2013

Poetry in Motion

An exhibition of Choucair’s work at Tate Modern proves that lack of exposure does not equate to lack of status

6 Sep 2013

Chickening Out

Katharina Fritsch’s blue cock should be commended for attracting genuine public interest without resorting to shock tactics beyond a bad pun

4 Sep 2013

Review: Curiouser and Curiouser

Unexpected connections abound in Brian Dillon’s eclectic cabinet of curiosities

2 Sep 2013

Review: Inside Out

The Royal Academy’s exhibition devoted to Richard Rogers is justifiably – but perhaps excessively – ambitious

1 Sep 2013

Review: The Art of Music

An exhibition on Vermeer and music at London’s National Gallery is a harmonious triumph

1 Sep 2013

Review: Giants in the Field

Moore and Rodin make unlikely bedfellows but their pairing at Perry Green results in some fruitful juxtapositions

1 Sep 2013

Review: Ghost in the Machine

This summer Michael Landy brings giant robots to the National Gallery in London

1 Sep 2013