German Expressionism in Baltimore

The BMA tries to graft German Expressionism onto a French family tree, but it shouldn’t overlook the movement’s specific concerns

16 Feb 2014

Poetic Painters: Turner and Helen Frankenthaler at Turner Contemporary

This unusual exhibition is a delightful and energising experience

15 Feb 2014

‘Men in Pants’ at the De Morgan Centre

Life drawing and the mastery of the male form was an essential part of artistic study in the Victorian period. But what if the student was a woman?

14 Feb 2014

Discoveries: Exhibition Review

‘Discoveries’ contains several lovely moments, but never really comes together to contribute more than the sum of its parts

11 Feb 2014

Condo in London

George Condo is hot property right now, with two new solo exhibitions about to open in London. Does his new work live up to the hype?

10 Feb 2014

The Wild Side of Indian Art: Two Book Reviews

Two fascinating books explore the significance of the depiction of animals in Mughal art

10 Feb 2014

Ringing with Commendations: Joseph Wright

The Holburne has brought together a superb show that exceeds any limitations of scale or scope

9 Feb 2014

Quiet Transformation: ‘A Dialogue with Nature’

The German and British Romantic landscapes at the Courtauld sing rather than shout of a new vision

7 Feb 2014

Serge Poliakoff: Silent Pictures

An exhibition at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris is an excellent introduction to Poliakoff’s dynamic yet quiet works

5 Feb 2014

Flowers in the Fitzwilliam Museum

If you happen to pass the Shiba Gallery, a glance into the display room might reveal a species of painting with which you’re unfamiliar

3 Feb 2014

Good Form: Hans Arp at Hauser & Wirth

‘Chance – Form – Language’ is a tight, neatly balanced show at Hauser & Wirth’s Savile Row gallery

31 Jan 2014

Well Cut: Hannah Höch at the Whitechapel Gallery

Dada artist Hannah Höch’s witty, feminist work in collage and photomontage is as inspiring as ever

30 Jan 2014

Spot the Difference

One set of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers was popular enough – it’s worth braving the crowds at the National Gallery to see two side by side

28 Jan 2014

Political Arts

‘I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few’. The William Morris Gallery hosts Jeremy Deller’s playful, provocative, politicised art

25 Jan 2014

Capturing a Capital

James Robertson’s haunting 19th-century photographs are currently on display in Istanbul, the city that inspired them

23 Jan 2014

Private Views

How do you open a private collection up to the public? A recent symposium at the Courtauld Institute looked at the topical issue

22 Jan 2014

De Chirico Displaced

Exiled from their deserted piazzas, Giorgio de Chirico’s sculptural figures lack the uncanny appeal of his paintings

21 Jan 2014

Found at the Fair

A round-up of the highlights from this year’s contemporary projects at the London Art Fair

20 Jan 2014

Arcadia Outlined

‘A World of Private Mystery: John Craxton’ at the Fitzwilliam Museum celebrates the artist’s ‘unfashionably happy’ late paintings

16 Jan 2014

Missing Genius

Castiglione’s works at the Queen’s Gallery skilfully emulate, but never quite live up to, those of his more famous contemporaries

13 Jan 2014

Precious Tome

The authors of ‘Emerald’ present a sparkling visual and social history of the precious stone in this ambitious new publication

12 Jan 2014

An Enlightening Show

‘Yoga: The Art of Transformation’ at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery takes an overdue look at the subject in art. Its powerful yogini statues steal the show

10 Jan 2014

White Walled Cage

The reification of ‘revolutionary’ work by John Cage and the Fluxus artists at MoMA is unsettlingly contradictory. The artist is dead. Long live the artist!

22 Dec 2013

Trading Stories

The story of the interrelationship of textiles, taste and commerce, is told with magnificence and aplomb by the Metropolitan Museum of Art

21 Dec 2013