Review: Tate’s ‘Matisse Live’

It was an interesting broadcast, but Tate’s tour around its Matisse show gained little from being ‘live’

6 Jun 2014

Review: Baccio Bandinelli at the Bargello

Baccio Bandinelli is arguably the least loved major artist of the Renaissance. This is the ideal opportunity to reconsider his achievement

6 Jun 2014

Review: Richard Long at Lisson Gallery

Richard Long continues to tread his own well-worn path, with a few ill-advised Romantic detours, in his latest London show

5 Jun 2014

Review: ‘Phyllida Barlow: Fifty Years of Drawings’ at Hauser & Wirth

Phyllida Barlow’s drawings are every bit as good as her sculptures

3 Jun 2014

Review: ‘Mondrian and Colour’ at Turner Contemporary

Piet Mondrian’s path to abstraction was a colourful one

3 Jun 2014

Muse Reviews: 1 June

A round-up of the week’s reviews and interviews

1 Jun 2014

Review: ‘Symphony of a Missing Room’ at the Royal Academy

Immersive performance art and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition? Surprisingly, it works…

31 May 2014

Rothko colours in the US east coast

Rothko’s works have popped up at auction, in Pace gallery and, later this year, at the Harvard Art Museums

30 May 2014

Carving a space: the Boros Collection bunker in Berlin

Housed in an old Nazi bunker, the Boros Collection makes a feature of its hard-won gallery spaces

29 May 2014

Review: The Fifth Prix Pictet

The Prix Pictet is a prize for art with an argument, and this year’s shortlist is as strong as ever

27 May 2014

Hollow memorials? the problem with artists’ houses

A new installation mythologises Van Gogh’s old apartment in London: but such properties are often disappointing

26 May 2014

Muse Reviews: 25 May

A round-up of the week’s reviews

25 May 2014

Review: Bill Viola’s ‘Martyrs’ at St Paul’s Cathedral

‘Martyrs’ is a beautiful series of videos, but it’s overshadowed by Wren’s magnificent architecture

23 May 2014

Review: Ben Johnson ‘Time Past Time Present’ at Alan Cristea Gallery

Time stops in Ben Johnson’s intricate paintings of empty architectural interiors

22 May 2014

Homecoming: Sergio Larrain’s photographs on display in Chile

Larrain’s powerful work hasn’t been on display in his home country since the 1960s

20 May 2014

Review: ‘The Power of the Sea’ at the Royal West of England Academy

Interest in maritime art ebbs and flows, but it seems that we have hit a new wave

19 May 2014

Review: Tania Kovats’ bottled oceans at Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

‘Oceans’ is a sophisticated response to a multitudinous, powerful subject

19 May 2014

Muse Reviews: 18 May

A round-up of the week’s reviews from Paris, Berlin, London and New York

18 May 2014

Review: Artists’ Scrapbooks at the ICA, London

The ICA’s Reading Room was put to good use recently with an exhibition of creative scrapbooks

18 May 2014

Review: Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, ‘The Strange City’ (Monumenta 2014)

The Kabakovs’ ‘Strange City’ at the Grand Palais isn’t completely alien

17 May 2014

Review: David Ostrowski’s ‘Emotional Paintings’ at Peres Projects

Ostrowski insists that he is a ‘romantic’ painter…But here, all of the emotion is drained out

15 May 2014

Beneath the bling: a few highlights from Frieze New York

A few of the notable works from this year’s fair that flew under the radar, beneath the bling

13 May 2014

Review: Lucio Fontana at the Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris

The works in this exhibition are a welcome antidote to the punctured Fontanas flooding the market

12 May 2014

Muse Reviews: 11 May

A round-up of the week’s reviews, including Rodin, John Piper, Yinka Shonibare and Joanna Hogg

11 May 2014