Muse Reviews: 6 April

A round-up of the week’s reviews: Anselm Kiefer, Phyllida Barlow, Camille Henrot and sustainable art

6 Apr 2014

Disarmingly joyful: Phyllida Barlow’s ‘dock’ at Tate Britain

Barlow’s wonderfully wobbly looking monoliths are powerful but unpretentious

3 Apr 2014

In Pursuit of an Idea: Camille Henrot at Chisenhale Gallery

French artist Camille Henrot’s first solo UK exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery is like asking a question and receiving a million answers

30 Mar 2014

Muse Reviews: 30 March

A round-up of the week’s reviews: Paris, paintings, and two very different types of print

30 Mar 2014

Art, Architecture and Sustainability

The Architecture Foundation’s latest display looks at models of sustainability in architecture. Are visual artists keeping up?

29 Mar 2014

I Cheer a Dead Man’s Sweetheart at the De La Warr Pavilion

A winningly eccentric exhibition of contemporary painting

28 Mar 2014

Beyond Painting: ‘Renaissance Impressions’ at the RA

The chiaroscuro woodcut prints in this exhibition are technically brilliant and visually beautiful. The only thing they lack here is context

27 Mar 2014

Charles Marville and the Urban Sublime

Marville found glimpses of the Romantic sublime in Haussmann-era Paris. His photographs at the Met are not to be missed

26 Mar 2014

Salon du Dessin: March Apollo

In Apollo’s March issue we previewed Salon du Dessin, which opens tomorrow at the Palais de la Bourse, Paris

25 Mar 2014

Affected Taste: William Kent at the V&A

How do you like your Georgians? William Kent’s designs come with a liberal coating of gilt

25 Mar 2014

‘Clemenceau, le Tigre et l’Asie’ at Musée Guimet, Paris

This exhibition about Clemenceau’s enthusiasm for Asian art is little short of revelatory

23 Mar 2014

Muse Reviews: 23 March

A round-up of the week’s reviews: murals, ruins, maps and charts, and contemporary responses to historic art…

23 Mar 2014

‘Diverse Maniere: Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess’ at Sir John Soane’s Museum

The current Piranesi exhibition at Sir John Soane’s Museum raises interesting questions about original artworks and their reproductions

22 Mar 2014

Stimulating the mind and the eyes: Barnes and Shonibare

Yinka Shonibare’s work at the Barnes Foundation is both entertaining and deeply reflective

22 Mar 2014

Trouble in Paradise: A Tribute to Kashmir in Chicago

Nilima Sheikh’s extraordinary paintings need more introduction than they are given here

20 Mar 2014

Whitney Biennial

It’s been billed as ‘the broadest and most diverse’ Whitney Biennial to date, and the enormous variety of this year’s display is no bad thing

19 Mar 2014

Hidden Treasures at TEFAF

Some of Maastricht’s masterpieces are easily overlooked

18 Mar 2014

Intelligent Design: Beautiful Science at the British Library

We tend to forget how good art and design can be at communicating big ideas, and, it turns out, big data

17 Mar 2014

‘Ruin Lust’ at Tate Britain

Ruination is a condition of modern life. An exhibition at Tate Britain explores its enduring appeal

17 Mar 2014

A New Lease of Life for Jackson Pollock’s Mural

Restoration work on the painting has revealed some interesting facts, and debunked some myths

16 Mar 2014

Muse Reviews: 16 March

A round-up of the week’s reviews: Beautiful bronzes, Cézanne and the Modern, abstract drawings, Bill Viola, and Asian art

16 Mar 2014

A Tour of Asia Week New York

A roundup of highlights from Asia Week New York which runs from 14–22 March

15 Mar 2014

Meditations on Film: Bill Viola at the Grand Palais

Meditative and mysterious, Bill Viola’s video work asks timeless questions

13 Mar 2014

A Hard Line: Sculptor Richard Deacon curates ‘Abstract Drawing’

Deacon stretches the concept of drawing well beyond the flat page

11 Mar 2014