Review: Artists’ Scrapbooks at the ICA, London

The ICA’s Reading Room was put to good use recently with an exhibition of creative scrapbooks

18 May 2014

Review: Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, ‘The Strange City’ (Monumenta 2014)

The Kabakovs’ ‘Strange City’ at the Grand Palais isn’t completely alien

17 May 2014

Review: David Ostrowski’s ‘Emotional Paintings’ at Peres Projects

Ostrowski insists that he is a ‘romantic’ painter…But here, all of the emotion is drained out

15 May 2014

Beneath the bling: a few highlights from Frieze New York

A few of the notable works from this year’s fair that flew under the radar, beneath the bling

13 May 2014

Review: Lucio Fontana at the Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris

The works in this exhibition are a welcome antidote to the punctured Fontanas flooding the market

12 May 2014

Muse Reviews: 11 May

A round-up of the week’s reviews, including Rodin, John Piper, Yinka Shonibare and Joanna Hogg

11 May 2014

Review: Sculptures by Houdon and Clodion at the Frick Collection

A superb display of fine neoclassical French marble and terracotta

10 May 2014

Review: ‘Rodin – In Private Hands’ at Bowman Sculpture

Rodin’s vigorous bronzes turn classical models into highly original works of art

8 May 2014

Review: Highlights from the Brighton and HOUSE Festivals

From a house made of waste to Yinka Shonibare’s library, there are some strong shows in Brighton this month

8 May 2014

Review: Liam Gillick and Viv Albertine star in Joanna Hogg’s ‘Exhibition’

Hogg delivers another candid portrayal of contemporary upper-middle class life

7 May 2014

Review: John Piper at the Bohun Gallery

A small but ambitious exhibition of the British modernist’s varied work has opened in Oxfordshire

6 May 2014

‘The Educated Eye? Connoisseurship Now’ at the Paul Mellon Centre

What do we mean by ‘connoisseurship’ these days?

6 May 2014

Muse Reviews: 4 May

A round-up of the week’s reviews: including Veronese, Richter and Polke, and the late works of Matisse

4 May 2014

Review: ‘The First Georgians’ at The Queen’s Gallery

A new exhibition brings the circumstances of the Hanoverian Succession centre stage

1 May 2014

Review: ‘Polke/Richter Richter/Polke’ at Christie’s Mayfair

The partnership and rivalry between these two great painters was mutually beneficial

30 Apr 2014

Review: Matisse’s cut-outs at Tate Modern are brimming with life

The artist’s late work was truly ahead of its time

29 Apr 2014

‘Extraterrestrial’ views: Andreas Gursky photography displays in London

Gursky’s work is on display at Sprüth Magers and White Cube Bermondsey

29 Apr 2014

Review: ‘Veronese’ at the National Gallery, London

The really magnificent thing about Veronese is his eye for incidental detail

28 Apr 2014

Muse Reviews: 27 April

A round-up of the week’s reviews: Hindu-Buddhist sculpture, Yelena Popova, Richard Wilson, and contemporary art in Azerbaijan

27 Apr 2014

Review: ‘Other Primary Structures’ at the Jewish Museum

‘Primary Structures’ in 1966 featured minimalist sculptors from the US and UK. This revisionist revival looks further afield

25 Apr 2014

Review: Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum

Packed with treasures, this exhibition will be hard to top

24 Apr 2014

Review: Yelena Popova ‘Drying Time’ at Paradise Row

Time enjoyed is never time wasted

20 Apr 2014

Muse Reviews: 20 April

A round-up of the week’s reviews: sculpture in the landscape and sculpture in the home

20 Apr 2014

Gagosian expands again with an Urs Fischer exhibition in New York

Fischer’s sculptures are on show at Gagosian’s new Park Avenue space, and a temporary downtown venue

20 Apr 2014