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The Hood Museum of Art in Dartmouth.

Class act – a new look for Dartmouth College’s Hood Museum of Art

From Assyrian carvings to contemporary African art, the museum’s wide-ranging collection has a recently expanded home

30 Jun 2019
Georg Baselitz (b. 1938) in Ammersee, Germany, 2018.

‘I am one and the same person’ – Georg Baselitz looks back at a life in art

An exhibition at the Accademia in Venice explores the link between the artist’s past and present work – as well as the influence of Old Masters

12 Jun 2019
The Pyramidal Neuron of the Cerebral Cortex (1904), Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Cajal Institute (CSIC), Madrid.

Can neuroscience really tell us much about why we look at art?

The mystery of aesthetic experience is perhaps even greater than that of the human brain

1 Apr 2019
Left: Untitled, 1988, Magdalene Odundo. Middle: Black figure neck amphora with Ariadne dancing with satyrs, 550-540BC. Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Right: Untitled, 1989, Magdalene Odundo.

‘I’m looking at history and the human need to make things’ – an interview with Magdalene Odundo

The ceramic artist is showing her own work alongside historic pieces from all over the world

28 Jan 2019
Man in Oriental Dress, (1635), Rembrandt van Rijn, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The major art anniversaries to look out for in 2019

From Leonardo to the Prado, and from the Bauhaus to the birth of John Ruskin, 2019 is full of significant anniversaries

2 Jan 2019
The Replica scanner developed by Factum Arte, currently digitising the photographic library of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice. Photo: Matteo De Fina; courtesy Fondazione Giorgio Cini

How high-resolution photography is changing the way we look at art

Advances in digital imaging are revolutionising the study of art history

6 Nov 2018

Everything must glow – Nicky Wire is having his first solo show

The Manic Street Preachers bassist is showing mixed media works in Pembrokeshire – and he’s not the first bass-player to have a sideline in art

17 Sep 2018
The Liberty of London department store on Regent Street, London, in c. 1925, Regent Street, London.

How Liberty looked to the past to imagine the future of fashion

More than a century’s worth of Liberty fabrics and designs make for an enjoyable survey of the brand’s history

10 Sep 2018

Half the Picture: A Feminist Look at the Collection

A fresh look at the Brooklyn Museum’s holdings through an intersectional feminist lens

Brooklyn Museum, New York
Frida Kahlo with Olmec figurine (1939), Nickolas Muray.

A fresh look at Frida Kahlo

By placing the artist’s possessions next to her portraits, the V&A seeks to reveal the woman behind the icon

13 Jul 2018

The artists of Georgian Dublin deserve another look

An exhibition celebrating the Society of Artists in Ireland casts light on some lesser-known 18th-century figures

28 Jun 2018
Das Kino (2011),Henk Visch. Tim Van Laere Gallery at Art Brussels 2018.

Art Brussels celebrates its 50th anniversary by looking to the future

A selection of highlights from the Brussels art fair, at Tour & Taxis from 19 to 22 April

21 Apr 2018

Celebrating Romani art and culture at the first Roma Biennale

The first Roma Biennale offered a riot of contemporary Romani art and performance

19 Apr 2018

The world’s first sausage dog museum – not as mad as it sounds

A museum dedicated to dachshunds has opened in Germany

8 Apr 2018
Pin-up (1973/74), Friedl Kubelka.

Looking at the female gaze

At Richard Saltoun Gallery, the body is both subject and material for women artists exploring gender and sexuality

21 Feb 2018
Outposts of Empire: Central Australia (detail; 1938). John Vickery. Royal Mail Archive, Postal Museum, London

First class: the art of the Post Office

How Britain’s postal system has inspired artists, from its origins in the 16th century to today

17 Feb 2018
Mugs (1944), Ben Nicholson.

A new look for Kettle’s Yard

After a major refurbishment, Kettle’s Yard is reopening – but it remains true to the spirit of its founder, Jim Ede

3 Feb 2018
Artist Gillian Wearing with a model of her statue of Millicent Fawcett. Photograph: Caroline Teo/GLA/PA

The major art anniversaries to look out for in 2018

Expect celebrations of Cubism, universal suffrage, architects and art collectors in the coming year

5 Jan 2018
Self-Portrait, (detail), (1719), Juan Rodriguez Juárez, Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City,

How to look at Mexican Old Masters

The painters of New Spain have been misunderstood for centuries, but their work seems to be entering the mainstream at last

Installation view of 'This too shall pass' by Sudarshan Shetty, curated by Tasneem Zakaria Mehta (26 Septemberl–30 October, 2010). © Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum

Mumbai’s oldest museum looks to the future

Could the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum provide a model for modernising India’s cultural institutions?

25 Aug 2017
The Partition Museum in Amritsar's Town Hall

Inside India’s first Partition Museum

Millions were displaced and hundreds of thousands killed in the Partition of India. Seventy years on, a new museum addresses the tragedy

10 Aug 2017
Main staircases in the 19th-century Palais of the Musée d'arts de Nantes, photo: © Hufton + Crow

A new look for a 19th-century museum in Nantes

The Musée d’arts de Nantes reveals its new extension and rehangs its collection, making seamless connections between past and present

26 Jun 2017
Necklace (detail; c. 1899–1900), René Lalique. Wartski at Masterpiece London

Find the time to look longer and harder at art

Art demands close attention. The new ‘Slow Art Workshops’ provide unique opportunities to study and even handle objects of great beauty

24 Jun 2017

V&A reveals first image of new photography centre

Art News Daily : 2 June

2 Jun 2017