Michael Craig-Martin photographed by Caroline True

In the studio with… Michael Craig-Martin

The conceptual artist is careful about who he invites to the studio, but counts George Michael as one of his most interesting visitors

29 Sep 2021

Is this a golden age for art galleries?

Georgina Adam and Andrew Russeth wonder if changing circumstances might not suit bricks-and-mortar galleries down to the ground

27 Sep 2021
Elizabeth Neel: LIMB AFTER LIMB (still detail; 2021), Andrew Neel.

In the studio with… Elizabeth Neel

The painter can’t listen to music when she works because she can’t get the songs out of her head – so it’s baseball on the radio instead

22 Sep 2021

Introducing the Apollo 40 Under 40 Art & Tech

This year’s list of the most talented young people working with tech in the art world

20 Sep 2021

In the studio with… Sarah Staton

With prehistoric carvings and stills from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ on the walls, the artist’s studio is a mix of the past and yesterday’s vision of the future

15 Sep 2021
Gilbert & George, photographed at their home (and studio) in London, 2021.

In the studio with… Gilbert & George

The duo’s east London studio is, they say, the world’s cleanest, so that they can be as dirty as they want in their art

8 Sep 2021
Illustration: David Biskup

Does the art world have a sense of humour?

Susan Moore and Niru Ratman wonder if anyone is still enjoying themselves

31 Aug 2021
Kaye Donachie in her London studio

In the studio with… Kaye Donachie

The painter prefers her studio to be tidy, but it doesn’t stay that way for long – and she’s completely oblivious to the smell of turpentine and oil paint

30 Aug 2021
Liza Lou in California. Photo: Joshua White

In the studio with… Liza Lou

These days the California-based artist works nomadically in the Mojave Desert – which means playing host to the odd mountain lion

24 Aug 2021
Self-Portrait I (2015), Chuck Close.

The week in art news – Chuck Close (1940–2021)

Chuck Close has died at the age of 81. The photorealist painter first came to prominence in the late 1960s…

20 Aug 2021

In the studio with… Alberta Whittle

The Glasgow-based artist misses bumping into her studio neighbours in the corridors – but has a bag of volcanic ash to keep her company these days

20 Aug 2021

In the studio with… Arthur Timothy

The UK-based painter opens the door on his studio in Bath – where he sometimes dons a suit to work, he says, if not a tie

11 Aug 2021
Emeka Ogboh in his Berlin studio – the physical one, anyway.

In the studio with… Emeka Ogboh

The sound artist carries his studio with him wherever he goes – on a 13-inch MacBook Pro

5 Aug 2021
Basel old town.

My cultural city – Basel’s captivating contrasts, with Josef Helfenstein

The director of the Kunstmuseum Basel picks out his cultural highlights from a city in which vibrant traditions meet cosmopolitan flair

2 Aug 2021
Photo: Alexander Coggin

In the studio with… Shezad Dawood

The London-based artist increasingly works with VR technology – but his studio still smells of textiles, which remind him of his childhood

26 Jul 2021
Photo: K. Y. Cheng/South China Morning Post via Getty Images

In the studio with… Shahzia Sikander

The artist’s miniature paintings aren’t as diminutive as they may sound, but the magnifying glass attached to her worktable is still absolutely essential

21 Jul 2021
Victoria Miro London, Venice/Lehmann Maupin, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul and London; © Do Ho Suh

In the studio with… Do Ho Suh

For the past six years, the artist and his children have been building a magical world out of modelling clay in his London studio – but they’re running out of room

12 Jul 2021
Michael Landy photographed at his exhibition at Firstsite, Colchester, 2021.

In the studio with… Michael Landy

Unsurprisingly, the artist who once destroyed all his possessions keeps an entirely clutter-free studio

5 Jul 2021
Photo: Donavon Smallwood

In the studio with… Reginald Sylvester II

The New York-based painter loves working alone in his studio, but its high ceilings have encouraged him to work on larger canvases – and he’s running out of room

30 Jun 2021
Illustration: David Biskup

Will unions make a difference at US museums?

Union drives have accelerated during the pandemic, but museum workers have been frustrated with management for years, write Dana Kopel and Maxwell L. Anderson

28 Jun 2021
A Game of Croquet (1873), Édouard Manet. Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Four sports that have produced some half-decent art

Sport nowhere for most of last year – and now sport everywhere. But there is some passable sport art out there, we promise…

25 Jun 2021
Betty Tompkins in her studio, photographed in June 2021

In the studio with… Betty Tompkins

During the pandemic the pioneering feminist painter has retreated to her studio in rural Pennsylvania, where she has truly embraced the quiet life

21 Jun 2021
Mandy El-Sayegh photographed in her studio in 2020.

In the studio with… Mandy El-Sayegh

The unlikeliest objects in the London-based artist’s studio? Either the sex toys or the taxidermy collection, she says

15 Jun 2021
Chantal Joffe in the studio.

In the studio with… Chantal Joffe

The painter offers a glimpse of her canalside studio in London, where she works alone save for her portrait sitters – and a stuffed toy camel on wheels

7 Jun 2021