Digby Warde-Aldam is a freelance writer based in Paris.

Anthea Hamilton's installation at the 'Turner Prize 2016', Tate Britain. Courtesy Joe Humphrys © Tate Photography

Is it time for the Turner Prize to break out of the Tate?

It’s a mixed bag this year, with Anthea Hamilton coming out on top. But whatever you make of the work, Tate is no longer the place to show it

28 Sep 2016
Author Stephen Bayley decided to baptise his book 'Death Drive' with a night of performance art in which guests were invited to destroy a beaten up old Saab...

Smashing stuff…London’s art world wakes up with a bang

Kicking off the London art season by kicking in an old Saab (for art’s sake)

27 Sep 2016
From Medina to Jordan Border, Saudi Arabia (2003), Ursula Schulz-Dornburg

Saudi Arabia’s lost railway in Fitzroy Square

Plus: Virginia Chihota’s claustrophobic blast of colour; a surreal spectacle from James Richards at the ICA; and Suzanne Treister’s sinister take on technology

24 Sep 2016

Michel Houellebecq’s new exhibition is extremely terrible and utterly compelling

The writer has deployed the deadpan satirical streak that runs through his novels to defy the rules of contemporary art

3 Aug 2016
Momentary Monument – The Stone (2016), Lara Favaretto, installation view at Welsh Streets, Liverpool Biennial 2016.

The Liverpool Biennial’s emphasis on local identity could not be more prescient

The sociopolitical slant of this year’s event has added weight in light of the Brexit vote. Can a city’s regeneration be artist-led?

12 Jul 2016
Bibi, Arlette and Irène. Storm in Cannes (May 1929), Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Art and politics in London (and where to go to escape it)

If the ‘Brexit’ debates have all got a bit much, there are some good shows on to take your mind off things

21 Jun 2016

Spilled water and naked bomber jackets in Marylebone

Returning to the scene of an embarrassing art accident…Plus, Simon Mullan’s surprisingly beautiful tiled compositions

29 May 2016

Going it alone in the modern city

Olivia Laing’s book on the art of loneliness has some excellent insights, but who is it meant for?

23 May 2016
La Coupole V, Algiers, Algeria (2013), Jason Oddy

London needs a spring clean, or perhaps a period of stagnation…

The galleries haven’t changed that much, but the city itself has, and not for the better

20 Apr 2016

An artistic pilgrimage that will make you see London in a spiritual light

You don’t have to be Christian to appreciate the ‘Stations of the Cross’ trail this Easter weekend

22 Mar 2016

London has served up the diet version of Delacroix

Has the National Gallery made Delacroix a bit…dull? Can a B-movie really be classed as art? And why is Barry Flanagan only famous for his hares?

11 Mar 2016

The shows worth seeing in London this week

The art shows worth seeing in London this fortnight, from Naum Gabo’s subtle prints at Alan Cristea, to Jo Spence’s harrowing final work

15 Feb 2016

London Diary: fine art in ‘sinful Soho’

The current show at Marian Goodman gallery is a blast, and White Cube has come up with a winner, too

25 Jan 2016

‘It is impossible to overstate Bowie’s influence on our cultural landscape’

From performance art to painting, David Bowie’s legacy stretches far and wide

11 Jan 2016

12 Days: Highlights of 2016

Digby Warde-Aldam anticipates a sensory overload in 2016 as Bosch and Bridget Riley take the stage

1 Jan 2016

London Diary: who gets to be a national treasure?

Is it acceptable to lay into an octogenarian painter who has long been a ‘national treasure’?

8 Dec 2015

London Diary: Art and Anxiety

‘I made it my mission last week to find a show that captured the city’s twitchiness.’

25 Nov 2015

London Diary

Hacktivists crash Tenderpixel’s private view; Berenice Abbott’s works intrigue at Beetles + Huxley; and Sadie Coles opens a new gallery

10 Nov 2015

London Diary: Auerbach’s City

Nobody has captured the city’s ever-changing whirl quite like Auerbach: don’t miss his shows at Tate Britain and Marlborough

26 Oct 2015

London Diary

Cartier-Bresson, Bomberg’s circle and Damien Hirst’s homage to Hoyland: don’t let Frieze week distract you from these London shows

12 Oct 2015

The Turner Prize is better off in Glasgow than London

Tramway’s a great place for it. Plus, two out of four of the exhibits are less navel-gazing than last year

1 Oct 2015

London Diary

Be won over by Ai Weiwei, blown away by Bridget Riley, and get lost in the National Theatre’s concrete corridors this week

29 Sep 2015

London Diary

Thank god for September. The art year has kicked off like a mule with a grievance

14 Sep 2015

London Diary

Zzzzzzz. That, in brief, is the most accurate way to sum up London at the moment

25 Aug 2015