Botanical models from 'Object Lessons' at Manchester Museum

Paper plants and wax peaches at the Manchester Museum

The scientific teaching models in George Loudon’s collection are as beautiful as they are fascinating

7 Jun 2017

Pissarro was the unifying force behind Impressionism

This overdue survey gives some sense of Pissarro’s extraordinary range

18 Apr 2017
Mont Blanc Seen from La Faucille, Storm Effect (begun 1834), Théodore Rousseau. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen

Théodore Rousseau’s winning formula? ‘Diabolical cunning’ and lashings of sauce

‘A method matters little,’ Rousseau maintained, ‘one tries everything’. See the full span of his dizzyingly diverse practice in Copenhagen this winter

16 Nov 2016

‘I buy! I buy! I can’t stop myself’: Artists as collectors at the National Gallery

Artist collectors, it emerges, are driven by a mix of motives from compulsion to emulation

2 Aug 2016
Switch House, Tate Modern

Why has Tate consigned painting to history?

Painting isn’t dead, but it has been prematurely buried in Tate Modern’s Boiler House

20 Jun 2016
Frozen Wave (The Conservation of Energy

When did the Sublime become an extended environmental guilt-trip?

The word has become a catchall term for environmentally-conscious art. It’s more specific than that

23 Apr 2016

Rodin moves back to Paris

The sculptor would have approved of the Musée Rodin’s sensitive refurbishment

5 Jan 2016

Giacometti: Rebel artist and lifelong mother’s boy

‘It is impossible to paint a portrait’, claimed Giacometti, but that didn’t stop him trying whenever he went home to his family

3 Nov 2015

Damien Hirst seeks redemption

The bad boy of Britart opens his new gallery with a show devoted to abstract painter John Hoyland. Is he trying to atone for his artistic sins?

2 Oct 2015
UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn: Hopeless case or saviour of the arts?

The MP for North Islington is that rare thing at Westminster, a politician who is actually interested in the arts

3 Sep 2015