Edward Bawden (1903–89) photographed in 1989.

Epistolary exchanges with Edward Bawden

Peyton Skipwith remembers two decades of friendship and correspondence with the British artist

8 Apr 2018
The Titanic in dry dock

A first-class voyage through the golden age of ocean liners

Luxury, glamour and romance abound in the V&A’s celebration of the heyday of sea travel

27 Mar 2018
The Day’s End (1927), Ernest Proctor.

‘There was always good and bad figurative art’

The figurative artists of the 1920s and ’30s should not be considered secondary to their abstract contemporaries – as numerous recent exhibitions have shown

19 Dec 2016

C.F.A. Voysey’s designs reveal his ‘puritanical love of simplicity’

Voysey’s designs were as pioneering as his architecture

13 Aug 2016