'Me and Dali in New York', 1972, David Bailey.

Exposure time – David Bailey’s autobiography, reviewed

A memoir as raw and unfiltered as the photographs that made Bailey’s name at Vogue, this curious book offers up some brilliant anecdotes but ultimately lacks focus

29 Oct 2020
Robert Freeman (1936–2019)

The late Robert Freeman was the Beatles’ favourite photographer – and now his entire archive has been stolen

From his portraits of Khrushchev and John Coltrane to celebrated album covers for the Beatles, Freeman’s entire archive was taken just weeks after his death

8 Sep 2020
Andy Warhol photographed in 1980.

How do you solve a problem like Andy Warhol?

Blake Gopnik’s new biography sets out to solve the puzzle of a man who saw his life as an extension of his art

27 May 2020
Faye Dunaway at the Beverly Hills Hotel, 29th March 1977 (detail).

‘He kicked open the doors of Society just as Sixties London began to swing’ – a tribute to Terry O’Neill

The late photographer shot some of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, from Winston Churchill to David Bowie

26 Nov 2019
Karl Lagerfeld with Cara Delevingne during the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week, 2014.

Karl Lagerfeld’s greatest creation was himself

The late couturier, photographer, art collector and ‘showman’ was a master of harnessing the power of the image

26 Feb 2019