A tribute to Khaled al-Asaad, the archaeologist killed by Isis in Palmyra

The octogenarian dared to stand up to militants at the ancient site

20 Aug 2015
Cold weather forces precautionary measures at Pinacoteca di Brera

Italy’s ‘super directors’ – the winners and losers

20 new museum directors have been appointed as part of Dario Franceschini’s overhaul of Italy’s cultural sector

19 Aug 2015

Pompeii in progress? Conservation efforts continue at the ancient site

We take a look at some of the latest triumphs and setbacks

18 Aug 2015

Events like Iliad Live are all about the audience: they do little for the art itself

Museums need to stop trying so hard to prove they’re popular

17 Aug 2015

New German Cultural Heritage Law Draws Protest from Artists and Collectors

Gerhard Richter and Georg Baselitz are among those taking a stand

14 Aug 2015

Can Newcastle and Gateshead’s art scene thrive in spite of cuts?

BALTIC’s new director will need to bring fresh ideas to the region as economic pressures increase

14 Aug 2015

Robin Hood Gardens and the politics of regeneration

Debates about the estate’s future tend to ignore the residents

11 Aug 2015

The great contemporary art hidden in York’s historic buildings

For cutting edge culture, head straight for the church

10 Aug 2015

‘Restoring the National Gallery’s political reputation will be a hard task’

Maurice Davies on the challenge facing Gabriele Finaldi

10 Aug 2015

London can’t make up its mind about its Brutalist past

The city’s post-war concrete blocks have always divided opinion. But is the new stuff any better?

7 Aug 2015

Are the National Gallery strikes just the beginning?

However this issue is resolved, it won’t be the last such confrontation

5 Aug 2015

Picasso painting seized from super-yacht in Corsica

The incident raises difficult questions about private collectors and national interests

5 Aug 2015

Iranian nuclear deal brings hope for artists

On 15 July, the day after the historic Iranian nuclear deal was reached, the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told the…

4 Aug 2015

Tate Britain appoints Alex Farquharson as new director

What should we expect from Tate Britain’s new director, and what does his appointment mean for the future of the Tate overall?

29 Jul 2015

BBC Bloomsbury drama opts for safe sex

Life in Squares is not the intellectual romp that we were promised

28 Jul 2015

Developers won’t bring the arts to Vauxhall

Developers’ attempts to introduce art to an area can often be wretched. Will Vauxhall avoid this fate?

24 Jul 2015

From Paris to Philadelphia: how US collectors supported the Impressionists

The Impressionists struggled in Paris, so why did they find such a receptive audience across the Atlantic?

22 Jul 2015
Ai Weiwei shows the world his passport via Instagram.

Ai Weiwei’s returned passport is a coup for the RA

What will the freedom to travel mean for his art?

22 Jul 2015

The owners of restituted artworks have every right to sell them

Those complaining the impact on previous owners are missing the point

20 Jul 2015

Since when did art galleries become playgrounds?

Slides, video games and bedtime stories…London’s galleries don’t want to grow up

20 Jul 2015

Is it time to scrap the BP Portrait Award?

The prize has come up for criticism this year, as it always does. But there’s still merit in it

17 Jul 2015

Same pictures, different story: Impressionism arrives in Philadelphia

This is the best version yet of an impressive exhibition

16 Jul 2015

Trashing contemporary art

Ever thought a piece of contemporary art was rubbish? You’re not alone

15 Jul 2015

Living with art: a look at Los Angeles’ domestic gallery spaces

Why rent a gallery when you can use your own apartment?

15 Jul 2015