Venice Biennale

Enter the void with Pierre Huyghe

An exhibition in Venice of the French artist’s work is conceptually dense, but does it work in visual terms?

1 May 2024

Does this year’s Venice Biennale live up to the hype?

There are delightful discoveries to be made at this year’s event, but sometimes the central exhibition fizzles where it should spark

22 Apr 2024

Beyond the Biennale – the shows to see around Venice this month

The rest of the city still has plenty to offer, from an exploration of the travels of Marco Polo to a celebration of Jean Cocteau’s genius

21 Apr 2024

Must-see pavilions at the Venice Biennale 2024

From the recent history of Timor-Leste to world-building in Bulgaria, this year’s shows present a rich and varied cross-section of contemporary art from around the world

19 Apr 2024

How Italy remade Willem de Kooning

At the age of 65, the artist went to Rome a painter and returned to the United States a sculptor. It wasn’t the first time the city had changed him

18 Apr 2024

Space explorer – an interview with Kapwani Kiwanga

Despite the painstaking research that underpins the artist’s work, there’s nothing dry about its outcomes – as visitors to the Canadian Pavilion in Venice will discover

17 Apr 2024

Who really pays for public exhibitions?

The Venice Biennale is a good time to pull back the curtain on the funding of major arts events, which can often be shrouded in mystery

15 Apr 2024

How Adriano Pedrosa is opening up the Venice Biennale

The director of the 2024 Biennale talks to Apollo about the challenges the event faces and why he is sanguine about the changing political tides

15 Apr 2024

Gesture politics – an interview with Julie Mehretu

The artist layers a multitude of marks to create palimpsestic paintings and prints, but the results are far from purely abstract

15 Feb 2024