View of Zeitz MOCAA in Silo Square. Photo: Iwan Baan

‘Internationalism is Zeitz MOCAA’s defining ethos’

Zeitz MOCAA, South Africa’s new museum, is deliberately outward-looking

25 Sep 2017

Bring back the Met’s art and antiquities squad

The closure of an entire unit, specialising in the policing of a complex but valuable part of our national economy, must be wrong

19 Sep 2017
Georgian watch winder with moulded figures on either side, discovered on the Thames foreshore. Photo: Florence Evans

‘The river’s debris is my pleasure and obsession’

When treasures wash up on the banks of the River Thames, London’s mudlarkers are ready to find them

18 Sep 2017

Bruegel goes digital

Could virtual tours of artworks change the way we experience art – and is this technological approach worth welcoming?

15 Sep 2017
The opening reception at the 15th Istanbul Biennial

The paradoxical position of the Istanbul Biennial

Turkey has had a turbulent couple of years, but members of the country’s artistic community remain optimistic

13 Sep 2017
Hartwig Fischer in 2015. Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

How Hartwig Fischer plans to transform the British Museum

The museum has a glittering reputation, but ensuring its future success will require bold thinking and a significant overhaul

13 Sep 2017
The double entrance gateway to the Aleppo Citadel, largely the work of the late 12th century Ayyubid rulers of Aleppo (pictured here on 9 March, 2017) has largely survived the conflict with only minor damage. Photo: JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images

Aleppo: what remains?

The historic city has suffered major damage, but the worst unkindness we could offer it now is to write it off as ‘destroyed’

5 Sep 2017
Image: Tom Lobo-Brennan

Why museums need their own ethics departments

Ethical questions about art arise on a seemingly weekly basis. It’s time for museums to invest in sustained, open-ended research

Old Greenwich Place, early 17th century; © National Trust Images

The traces of the Tudor palace at Greenwich are a truly remarkable find

Archaeological discoveries at Greenwich are rare – which makes finding the remains of the Tudor palace even more significant

30 Aug 2017
Paintings by De Chirico hang in the mirrored dining room of Francesco Federico Cerruti's villa. Photo: Gabriele Gaidano

The mysteries of collecting

They don’t make collectors like Francesco Federico Cerruti any more. Or do they?

29 Aug 2017