Andrew Ciechanowiecki: 1924–2015

The art world has lost one of the most respected scholar-art dealers of the 20th century

15 Dec 2015

Nazi-era restitution claims are just the tip of the iceberg

Artworks were looted en masse throughout the 20th century: we need far better legislation to resolve the issue

7 Dec 2015

Baltic Diary: The Purpose of Art Prizes

The Lorck Schive art prize has an important role to play in Trondheim’s growing art community

1 Dec 2015

Willem Baron van Dedem (1929–2015)

Remembering the renowned collector and TEFAF President

30 Nov 2015

Can art exist on social media?

Can artists and the wider art world use social media for more than self-promotion? Some certainly think so…

30 Nov 2015

‘We have one heritage.’ Syria’s chief of antiquities calls on Europe for help

‘The dangers surrounding the Syrian archaeological heritage are growing beyond our capabilities’

18 Nov 2015

Baltic Diary: The Art of Coffee

Art, made of coffee, shown in a bookshop: Ian Bourgeot’s work at Helsinki’s Arkadia breaks conventions in more ways than one

17 Nov 2015

Virtual Florence: A Church Goes Digital

Reconstructing the lost Florentine church of San Pier Maggiore

Out of sight: Unseen Public Collections

A recent report claimed that public bodies in the UK are keeping £3.5bn worth of art in storage. Is this accurate and what should museums do with objects that they can never display?

2 Nov 2015

Letter from Belfast

‘Belfast is like East Berlin after the Wall came down’ – William Cook on the changing face of a divided city

2 Nov 2015

Diary: Rethinking Surrealist sculpture

‘It was worth taking a risk’: Valerie Fletcher presents Surrealist sculpture in a new light at the Hirshhorn Museum

2 Nov 2015

Baltic Diary: Rethinking the role of art in the city

Engagement, interaction, the co-creation of meaning: these are the museum buzzwords of today. But what do they actually mean?

25 Oct 2015

California Dreaming: Reconsidering the work of Charles and Ray Eames

Surprisingly, their relationship with Los Angeles was ambivalent at best

15 Oct 2015

Surface Tension: Celebrating Alberto Burri’s Centenary

The centenary of the artist’s birth is being marked by exhibitions and events worldwide

13 Oct 2015

Time is Ripe for a David Jones Revival

His literary and profoundly religious approach to art put Jones out of step with modernism. Can two new exhibitions revive his reputation?

3 Oct 2015

Baltic Diary: Art and Politics

‘Contemporary art is a very elitist sphere,’ admitted Frame’s head of programmes Taru Elfving, ‘and it could be so much more’

30 Sep 2015

Gathering Goyas at the National Gallery

‘Don’t ask me how we did it!’

28 Sep 2015

Indecent Exposure: Art and freedom of expression

Legal disputes surrounding artworks usually require a balancing act between absolute rights and shifting societal norms

28 Sep 2015

Letter from Jerusalem

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is not a mosque, but a shrine. But a shrine to what?

28 Sep 2015

Editor’s Letter: Out of Chaos

As Europe faces its worst refugee crisis since World War Two, there is no better time to celebrate emigre art in the UK

26 Sep 2015

Agnes Martin and the power of tranquility

Agnes Martin’s serene paintings give pause for thought

23 Sep 2015

Fresh Start for Florence’s Biennale Internazionale dell’Antiquariato

Highlights from the fair, which has found a new leader in Fabrizio Moretti

21 Sep 2015

Force of Nature: Interview with Giuseppe Penone

‘If an artistic language is very complex, it can’t be used to communicate.’

19 Sep 2015

Treasures from Palmyra preserved in the world’s museums

As ISIS destroys the site, these items are more important than ever

14 Sep 2015